Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Los Llameros de St Paris 4H Show 2011

After almost a week at fair,
the kids and llamas were more than ready
to be done and go home!
All the kids did a fantastic job showing in Showmanship and Obstacle.
Thanks to all my mom helpers and to our judge, Becky Raber!

At the end of our show we had some audience participation with "Musical Llamas"... just like musical chairs only you have to lead your llama around the circle and when the music stops you have to get your llama to put one foot on the carpet! Easy, right?! HAHA! Then we had an "Egg and Spoon" race... only the "egg" was a ping-pong ball!

After our show is the King of the Ring contest. Most all the 1st place showmen from the entire fair week compete to see just who is "King of the Ring", they have to show all the animals represented! So far, llamas haven't been able to get a toe into the competition, but this year we did get to participate! They asked us to bring the llamas over so the 10 contestants could do the "egg and spoon" race while their points were being tabulated! What fun! The show arena was jam-packed! Two heats of 5 each and those kids had NO clue about llamas! LOL!

I've put together a slide show for you, sit back and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping!


Kelley said...

So cool!

Marilyn said...

Loove the Llama show! They are so adorable going through the obstacle course! Must take a lot of training to get them to do that...I can't even get my big dog to walk up a ramp to load him in the back of the SUV! Hee Hee He likes to ride up front with me! Thanks for sharing this with us...I have enjoyed this lots! Always love your photo's and now this wonderful, fun video! :))