Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This Says It All! And a Fun Time in Derby, Indiana!


We’re experiencing some high temps and humidity like a lot of the US right now… ugh! Stay COOL!!!

A last minute get-away with some dear friends took us to Derby, Indiana on the Ohio River! (Ohio River Cabins)We had 2 different cabins because of bookings, so we were in the Cottage for one night and then the Merry Maker for 2 nights.

Cabin1 front


Sunrise off the Cottage deck…. ah, beautiful!

Cabin1 back

Each cabin had a dock and beautiful view of the river!

While we were in the Cottage we looked out and saw this boat pull up to OUR dock! Hmmmm, so we went down to see what was going on. They had been out on the river all day and had run out of gas… mind you, it had a 200 GALLON tank!! WoW!! The owner figured he had enough to get him to the boat dock, but was going to wait until the next morning. It was just your ordinary run of the mill speed boat… 80-100mph.. and only cost over $100,000!!! And he left the keys in it!! “Gee, can I get in it?” “Just take your shoes off”, he said… so I did! LOL


This thing looked like a cockpit in a jet!!

boat4 clsup

We even got to see inside, sink to the left, bathroom to the right!

boat5 below

Yeah, WOW! And how did he make all his money to buy this boat??!! Artificial Christmas Trees! Yup, the family business… must be rough!

ORC has a pontoon boat that it rents out… hey, that would be fun! So, we got the boat for a day and took off down river. It was hot but with the boat moving along the water there was a nice breeze. We decided to go over towards the West side and throw our lines in and see if we’d catch anything. Fish don’t bite when it’s real hot… so, let’s start’r up and go on down the river. Ok… start it… START IT!!

Um… we are on the Ohio River in a Pontoon boat that won’t start… HELP!!!

Oh… did I mention there are BARGES up and down the river all day long??!! Also cell phone service was next to impossible!

We called Bob, the maintenance guy…who of course was busy but would come find us as soon as he could. By now we’re drifting to the middle heading across the river to the East side! I totally understand DEAD IN THE WATER!

Finally Bob showed up in a Johnboat and towed us back to our dock. Whew! We were only out there helpless for about 1 1/2-2 HOURS!!! Luckily, no barges came while we were stranded! It really was kinda funny!


Let me just say, customer service is great! It was a simple fix and we had the boat for another day at the Merry Maker! That’s Ralph fishing off the boat.



The Merry Maker.




We lost count of how many barges we saw! Ralph and Lloyd drove down to the locks but didn’t get to see a barge go through them.


On Monday we took the boat out again and went upriver. We saw quite a few barges, we also didn’t have any boat trouble!! LOL


Mr Tug, you stay on your side of the river and we’ll stay on ours!


Thought this flower was pretty…and growing in the rocks!


Naomi drove a while too!


We saw quite a few trees where the water had eaten away the soil, some trees were still living with 99% of the root ball exposed! Really interesting.


I even caught a fish! Actually I caught the most… 2! haha! And if you’re wondering… I don’t bait my hook OR take the fish off… ewwww!!!

On Tuesday it was time to pack up and head back to Ohio. None of us were ready! I got these shots of the resident Hummingbird as I sipped my coffee on the deck.




We had the AC turned down to almost “meat locker” cold! It sure felt good when you came in from the outdoors! BUT… my camera took a while to warm up when I’d go out to take a picture!!


This is a shot where I wiped my lens real quick but it started to fog back up as I snapped the pic… I like it though!


Highly recommended for a good time!

Thanks for stopping!



Turtle In The Sand said...

Oh Dawn what a fun vacation to share! I love your stories and photography skills.

Kecia said...

That corn cartoon is too funny!!! It really is that hot. Glad you had a great vacation too!

Marlena M. said...

Gorgeous photos! Quite an adventure all around. ;)
I don't mind taking the fish off....unless they look like their scales will cut or the hook is in their eyeball. blech