Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's a HOT One at the Ohio State Fair Llama Show!!

With the heat index well over 100, we were hot, sweaty and sometimes a little grouchy...but we had a good time, everybody placed and some got some AWESOME awards too!!

Sit back and enjoy this little slideshow.
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Levi showed Shadow for Katie in his
Medium Wool Adult Male halter class
and got
GRAND CHAMPION!!! I was soooo excited!!! It's our second ever Grand!

I know...I should have had Levi hold the banner up so it was ALL visible...duh... but Shadow looks good huh!

Katie and Ross won Grand and Reserve Champion Performance Senior Youth!!!
How awesome is that! This is Katie's FIRST year!
Not only brother and sister...but twins!

Jared walked away with Adult Versatility, Grand Champion Novice Performance Animal (with Fusion) AND he got to show 3 llamas for Donna Moore who won Grand Champion Heavy Wool Adult Male and she let him keep the banner!! Awesome!!!

Showmanship: Carmen 4th, Jessica 3rd, Katie 4th, Ross 1st, Ryan 5th
Youth Judging: Carmen 5th, Jessica 1st, John 3rd, Katie 2nd, Ross 4th, Ryan 4th
Halter: Jessica 5th, Katie: 1st Grand, Ross 3rd, Ryan 5th
Public Relations: Carmen 4th, Jared 2nd, John 1st, Katie 2nd, Ross 4th, Ryan 3rd
Pack: Carmen 4th, Jared 2nd, Jessica 2nd, John 4th, Katie 1st, Ross 3rd
Obstacle: Jared 2nd, Jessica 2nd, John 4th, Katie 1st, Ross 3rd

Do I have an awesome 4H club or what!!
Thanks to all my helpers too, without you it couldn't have been done!!!

Thanks for stopping!


Sabrina aka okimom2girlz said...

Way to go!!! Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures, Dawn!!! I know you must be one proud Llama mama and so proud of your team!! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

E. Marie said...

Congrats!! I have never known anyone with Llamas but this looks so neat and they must all be so proud.

Becky said...

Congratulations!!!!That Llamas is a beauty..