Sunday, February 7, 2010

Check It Out!

This is hilarious!
A reader shared her
blog post with me,
seems Rebecca's cat was quite interested
in what was on the screen!
My birds from my
snow post! LOL



Grace said...

That was a riot Dawn! Just like my cat!!! Too funny!

Scrappywonder said...

so glad you all enjoyed Java... he's quite the cat.. he & his brother come to me via our local animal shelter - his pitch black momma & her sibling were found in a bag this summer & she later gave birth to 3 tiger striped simaese babies; 2 of which live with me... they are always full of entertainment including computer 'hogging' & bird watching... R ;)

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

heeheehee. Told you you were an amazing photographer: you can even fool cats into thinking you have real birds captured in the NET hehehe. Java is SO cute! I'm so excited about getting my own kitty when we move. Charles sister has one saved for us from a stray litter she rescued! I've wanted a fur baby for ages, LOL. Hope you're having a gorgeous snowy day!

Cherie said...

That was just too darn funny! My cat would be too lazy to even look! TFS!