Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yes, It's Cold...But I Still LOVE It!

We've got upwards of 10 inches this morning!
I went out and got these shots...a little chilly...23 degrees with the windchill 8!

snowdonut this is a metal plant holder out my back door

Calebdoor Caleb's front door

drift1 Caleb's drift out the back! It's so hard to get this in a's pretty big!

drift Just another view of the drift

baker bushesfield The hazy look in the field is blowing snow,
we've got 35mph winds!

fenceWe know when a storm blows in from the East
we're gonna get dumped on!

gate leaningtree When the snow started yesterday, it was a very wet snow, heavy! There are 3 of these trees at the bottom of the drive, normally up straight! They're all leaning in 3 different directions!

pinedroopy treeface Even Mr. Tree says it's cold!

Dodge And Dodge kept looking at me like "Are you DONE yet?!"


I had to throw out some fresh birdseed. I even sat out there for at least 10 min. (seemed much longer!) waiting for Mr. Cardinal to come! Mr. Junco stopped by.

sparrow Mr. Sparrow stopped by.

cardinal And Mr. Cardinal waited till I went back in the house!
Had to take this one through the window!

Hope you're warm and toasty where you are. Think I'll stay INside the rest of the day.

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- dlm. said...

Stunning photographs of your snowfall, Dawn! I don't envy you though, as I prefer seeing photos rather than experiencing the snowfall myself :)

Stay Warm!

Sabrina Jackson said...

OMGosh, Dawn, that's A LOT of snow!!!! You took some amazing photos my friend!!! All fo that snow reminds me of back home in Germany. We lots of snowed in days there :D:D. Awesome shots of those birds. Big {{{HUGS}}} to you and stay warm, Sabrina

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Ahhhhhhhh! I was hoping for these. I've said it before, and I'm sure you'll give me more gorgeous cause to say it again: You are SUCH an incredible photographer! Thanks for the snow fix. I'll send you a bit of the summer winter we seem to be having lately, if ya want some. ;o)

Sharli Schaitberger said...

What beautiful photos Dawn! I love the snow photos - I've never had any luck with snow - I think I just don't understand the whiteness of it and how to adjust the camera. Your birds are also stunning - I love "Mr. Cardinal" from inside - such a shy one!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Oh what a beautiful winter we just have rain and mushy yard....I wanna come to visit you for a week!

Scrappywonder said...

hi there, I just wanted to let you know I posted a photo of my cat watching the birds you posted earlier today ;) under the post 'what bird'.. TFS!! R ;)

betty benton said...

Thanks for sharing your snow pictures and for taking care of the little birdies! (I'm partial to birdies!!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn!

I just sent you a message, hit edit. I spelled something wrong. And, my message is not here.
Please let me know if you received it. If not, I'll try to re-write it and send it to you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

Time for me to stop emailing for the day. I didn't sign the comment. I'm so sorry.

The 6:57 post is from Traci S. over at SCS