Friday, October 10, 2008

Llamas Take A Trip To Heartland

I had totally forgotten about this trip to a nursing home today until Lloyd came in and asked why he had this note on his calendar about taking llamas to Heartland! *PANIC*...quick...find the letter they sent me....whew! We didn't have to be there until after 2pm!
They'd called almost a year ago and asked about the visit, I'd just forgotten to write it on MY calendar! LOL
So a quick grooming session for a couple boys and myself and we were off to Heartland! Jessica, from my 4H club went along to help.
We were met outside by several VERY excited lady!! The one in the pink shirt just loved them!! Then we went inside.
This was Shadow's first experience going into a building and he did really well.................UNTIL............ we got off the carpet and hit the newly waxed floors! See the picture? Nice and shiny and SLIPPERY!! The boys couldn't stand up!
So we went back outside which was a little disheartening because it's so fun to take them bedside and let people touch them! Only a handful got to see them today and I think the staff and visitors were more excited to give them some loving! *See Carolyn in the Ohio State shirt!

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Bellawhoop said...

Dawn, you have the biggest heart! I love seeing everything you do with your llamas, but this just pulled at my heartstrings. It looks like they all had a wonderful time!

Kittie said...

I loved seeing these pictures. So many older people are just forgotten. I'm sure they loved seeing the llama's.

Keri Lee Sereika said...

This is awesome Dawn! I would have never thought to bring a Llama INTO a building....yours have such nice manners... :)

Anonymous said...

These pictures are simply adorable, i know the residents of the Nursing home loved seeing the llama's. What a big heart you all have.


Anonymous said...

What a blessing you are to the residents of the home. Many never have visitors and they love it when people come for special moments. What a act of love of friendship.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS! What great pics. Llamas inside - wow! That is incredible. SO exciting for the folks though - they'll be thinking & talking about that for days.

Elaine M said...

You have such a loving heart - thanks for sharing these wonderful pics with us.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, how sweet and kind of you to share your Llamas with these dear elderly people. I know you brought abundant joy to their hearts by bringing these amazing animals for them to delight in.

Lynne in NI said...

Aww ... your 'boys' are gorgeous - it looks like the Seniors all had a wonderful time!

Anne Harada said...

Ummmm....I'm sitting here in amazement, I've had DH looking over my shoulder the whole time. I am beyond words at what I found when I came to visit your blog for the first time!!! Llamas?? Really? I had no idea Dawn!! I have been reading your whole blog all night (can hardly keep my eyes open now!!) This is gonna be so much fun! I was looking forward to seeing your personal card making posts but instead found myself fascinated with everything else you do in your life!! The recipes OMG, the close up look at spinning that you do, all the cards...oh my, a window to heaven for a city girl like me!! LOL!! :)

Anyhow, I really just wanted to pop in and say thanks for checking out my blog post today! For many reasons I'm glad you stopped by!
p.s. Sorry! Didn't mean to slobber all over your Comment area!!