Saturday, August 16, 2008

We Went To Visit The Minis!

Yesterday I took my granddaughter, Leah, to visit Minis. Elaine had 2 babies born not long ago and I was hoping to get some good pictures, but they were in stalls in a dark barn. Leah wasn't too sure about stepping inside with them! lol
This is Black Hawk, one of the foals, with Mama (lucky my flash was strong). He was so full of himself! The other one, a girl, wouldn't pose for me.

What's a Mini you ask? I got this from a web site...all stuff Elaine told me, but didn't remember it all to post it! LOL

The miniature horse is a scaled-down model of a full-sized horse and can measure no more than 34 inches at the withers in the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) registry (the last hairs of the mane). There are two separate divisions in the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) registry--Division A for miniature horses 34" and under, and Division B for miniatures horses over 34" but less than 38". The Standard of Perfection calls for the smallest, most perfectly conformed horse as the breed ideal. The body types can generally be divided into the finer-boned Thoroughbred or Arabian type and the heavier-boned Quarter Horse type. They come in all colors, and the pintos and appaloosas seem to be very popular with people.

Teddy falls in the 'short' category...he's so cute!! He's always been my favorite. He reminds me of the movie "Willow"! Teddy stands 26" at the withers (his top of the shoulders/start of the back/where his mane ends... for you non-horsey people).
Teddy and Tyke are best buddies. Tyke is 14, Teddy is 12.

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Anonymous said... adorable!! (the granddaughter and the horses!)

- dlm. said...

Loved the slide show, Dawn! Your granddaughter is so cute. She looked like she was enjoying being with Tyke and Teddy.