Thursday, August 21, 2008

Krylon and Thomas Kinkade

Today's Ways To Use It challenge on SCS was perfect for me today for a number of reasons.

1. Sharon, at Krylon, sent me some fabulous product to I had to!
Thank YOU Sharon!! 2. Tearing much easier can it get!

3. I have these gorgeous Thomas Kinkade papers.

4. I don't have a lot of stamping time...(Lloyd thinks I need to spend every waking moment doing something with peaches...remember the peach tree? yes, still lots to put up!!)!
I took the piece of Tawny cardstock and sprayed it with Make It Stone. It's fairly dry in 15 minutes, easy enough to handle in about 30. Around the edge of the scene, I masked it using a piece of torn copy paper just smaller than the scene and sprayed it with Make It Suede. You just can't get the full effect here...but it's soooo cool!
I also took my Stardust gel pen and added some sparkle to the windows and campfire.

Easy peasy! Stamp the sentiment, add some brads and this baby is done!

Did I mention the pear tree thought it had to out do the peach tree? Yes, lots of them too!!

Ok, I'm off to do 'something' with peaches...right now cobbler sounds good!

Thanks for stopping!


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Fabulous!!! Really, truly gorgeous! Lucky you for getting to play with fun stuff!

Mary said...

I had no idea that Krylon had a product out that could be used on cardstock to make it look so lovely. This product used with the new Kinkade papers is a wonderful combination. Thanks for sharing Dawn.


Laura said...

Thanks for sharing about Krylon, I didn't know either. Love the card, Dawn!

Anonymous said...

UH OH!! I see a trip to the paint store/home depot in my near future!