Friday, December 28, 2007

Want To Get Organized?

I was given a Wal Mart gift card for Christmas and had no clue just what I was going to get with it! I figured I'd hold on to it and some day I'd see something I couldn't live
I had to stop in today to check on an item (which they didn't have) and on my way to the grocery section I detoured through the craft department!

Now, normally I don't get too enthused over that section, but these caught my eye! Ribbon Organizers!

So, I got 5 of them! Cleaned the shelf!

When I got home I set to putting them in order. This is what my ribbon storage consisted of before... 2 of these baskets (rescued from an old 3 tier cart) with dowels stuck through. And what did I find out in doing this? That I have WAY more ribbon than would fit in these boxes!!

I also discovered unless all your spools are thin, the boxes won't hold as many. I had to remove some of the dividers, but I was able to slide some of the smaller ribbon spools in with the larger ones. I still had to use my ol' basket/dowel storage for 2 long rows of ribbon, and, um...2 small baskets still have some spools too. Next trip to Wal Mart hopefully will find the shelf restocked and I'll pick up a couple more *wink*

Tomorrow I'll hang another ink storage and shelf. Slowly, I'm getting there...slowly.


Etha said...

Oh wow those look good! I'll hafta check my local wallyworld and see if they have those. My ribbon is pretty out of control as well but I don't have the generous amounts that you are storing ;)

Sharon in NE said...

I want them! Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Oh my... I'm drooling over all your goodies!

jogrybali said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful room. Can I have an address where I can buy these ribbon organisers boxes. I live in Bali, and there are no craftshops as we know them here.