Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Art Coloring Books from Katy Sue Designs


I remember coloring lots of coloring books when I was young…
and I’m still coloring…..
hey, I’m young at heart {wink}!!


I was asked to color up some of these detailed images from Katy Sue Designs new adventure, Art Coloring Books, or as in the UK and Canada, Art Colouring Books. Artist Sandra Rushton did an amazing job on these books. You can read about her, here, on the KSD blog.

The books will be available to the US on Thursday exclusively with Create and Craft TV. I hope to have a direct link for that broadcast and will share it in another post.

To give you an idea, I used different mediums on several of the illustrations to show how versatile they are, Copics, Yarka watercolor, and Prismacolor pencils. I could see these being framed in cute little boutiques, specialty shops and restaurants!

Let’s start with Nautical Adventures.


Here is one done in pencil. The cool thing is, you get several of each main illustration that is shaded and several that aren’t so you can put your own special touches in where you want.



ShipwreckWC WM

Whew…I haven’t watercolored in a looooong time! This particular one just seemed like it should be done in watercolor though!

Shipwreck clsupWM


And, this one, with Copics.


BoatFishReel clsupWM

You do need to put scrap paper behind when coloring with any of your mediums if you leave it in the book because of “bleed through”.

And… Le Shoe


This was the first one I colored up (Copics) and it just screamed Pink and Purple! lol…



Within each book are accent pictures that go with the theme. Obviously, this one doesn’t go with the ‘button shoe’, I just wanted to color some roses!

This is also one of the un-shaded illustrations.


LeShoeRosesYellow back

A shot of the back just to show it will bleed through.

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Hopefully another post tomorrow with some step by step shots.

Thanks for stopping by!