Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Geese and Butterflies and Ducks….oh my!

Dawn Lusk Photos

Late yesterday afternoon we took the kayaks out to the lake. What a gorgeous time on the water, the Redbuds peeking out as the rest of the woods unfolds its greenery!

I tried a little fishing…. which is just what it was, fishing… NOT catching!! So I turned my energy toward taking some pictures!

Before I get to the pictures, let me share the ‘butterfly’ part of this post!

The sketch today on Splitcoast.

Our Daily Bread designs, Splitcoast

For some reason it was really hard to get a picture that showed the true pink color, this is about the best I could do!

I just love Fancy Fritillary, here colored with a Copic and Shell Pink ink. The verse from Belles Vignes is with the same ink as are the butterflies from Trois Jolies Papillons. The circles are from Matting Circles and Circle Ornaments dies.  

Ah, but what about the embossing folder you ask!

That, I made! I had this idea in the middle of the night…you know the times when your mind just won’t settle and let you fall asleep!!

Our Daily Bread designs

I used some thin cardboard to start, like from a cereal box, gluing 2 of each together onto the base. I added another layer from thick cardstock. I think I need maybe one or two more layers as I needed to shim this as it went through for a deeper impression. But I love the end result!

Our Daily Bread designs


Too fun, right?!


Now, back to geese and ducks!

Thank you to the lone goose that swam by, just about the only wildlife I saw while out. There are swans on the lake but we were at the wrong area to see them, maybe next time!

The Redbuds are full and beautiful now, I love the purple hues with the greens just starting to fill in the landscape!

{remember, right clicking on a picture can bring it up larger in another window for easier viewing}

Dawn Lusk Photos

Dawn Lusk Photos

This next one I added a Dry Brush filter through PSE13.

Dawn Lusk Photos

Who knew I could paint!! Lol!

I also took a pic with my phone…just because I could! I did a little editing with an app and although not as clear, still kinda cool.

Dawn Lusk Photos

And, as we were getting out boat out of the water, these two came by.

Dawn Lusk Photos

Ahhh…. so relaxing to get out! The season is just starting and the adventures are limitless!!!

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Judi said...

Thanks so much for your terrific idea. I plan to get all over that one! BTW, I am so jealous of your beautiful weather. I live in central where we got measurable inches of snow today!!

Mary Marsh said...

This is a beautiful card Dawn and I love the creative embossing folder idea- you take some seriously amazing photos

Debby said...

Beautiful card & photos. I plan to try your embossing idea.

Graciellie Design said...

Love the card and love the photos Dawn!!! Thanks for the embossing tip and for the inspiration! Hugs, Gracie.

Rosemary said...

I really liked how you made your own embossing folder. I can't wait to try it with some of my flower dies or butterfly. Unique idea1
i also loved that the other butterfly was pink.