Monday, June 9, 2014

Roses and Llamas….What Could Be Better!

Our Daily Bread designs

Over the weekend we got to participate in a fundraiser for our county 4H extension. For years now, we have walked the llamas into town, stood on a corner for 3 hours and collected pennies to twenties! It’s good for the kids and the llamas! The kids get to answer tons of questions and the llamas are exposed to all kinds of things.

This year we tried a new spot and although it started out super slow, by the end of our time we’d collected over $40!! And as usual…we slowed down traffic!

Here are a few pics. Some of the kids couldn’t make it and we had one extra, the little brother (not in the club but always loves to help!)




YES! See the dad and his wallet?! Thank YOU, sir!



Rainey is such a good girl! She just sat there with that silly hat on! She got sheared when we got home too….she was hot!


LOL…this little boy had a granola bar, Rainey wanted it really bad!


Now for the roses! There was a challenge on Splitcoast to do Paper Tole. I knew exactly what I wanted to use as I hadn’t even inked this one up yet!

Our Daily Bread designs

I started by stamping Galilee Rose Co. on an off-white kraft cardstock and set it aside. Next, I stamped the roses 3 times, 1 for the actual spray of roses and 2 to cut apart. Then the fun of coloring began!

Our Daily Bread designs

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but some of the pieces are curled like real petals, or rounded from using a stylus on the backside on a foam pad.

Our Daily Bread designs

When I do something like this, I like to color the edges of the foam dimensionals too. I just think it gives a more ‘finished’ look!

Our Daily Bread designs

The red mat layer? Just white cardstock colored with one of the same reds used in the flowers! You’re sure to get a perfect match that way!

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I hope you enjoyed my post today and maybe you’ll try something new next time you make a card… like paper tole!

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