Monday, November 11, 2013

Holidays in the Heartland, Veterans Day… a Card and Coyote!


Thank You!



Last night I enjoyed a wonderful concert at the Schuster Center in Dayton, Holidays in the Heartland, featuring the Department of Music from Wright State University.

If I can ever figure how to get a video off my phone… I could upload one! But for now it’s just going to be pictures!


A shot of the outer hall…so pretty!


The ceiling…a cool starry night display!


Jared is this shot…one of those teeny faces!


Also, sharing a card I whipped up this morning! No coloring… GASP… can you believe it!! All paper piecing, just stamping on paper and die cutting!!

Our Daily Bread designs

I used Poinsettia Wreath stamp set and the matching custom Poinsettia Wreath die, stamped on Christmas Papers Collection 2013

Is that simple or what!!!

Our Daily Bread designs

Our Daily Bread designs


Wiley is back!

I noticed the llamas at attention this morning and not long after, my grandson called to tell me a coyote was in their BACKYARD eating apples!

I went over and got some shots from their kitchen, wishing I could get closer, but the coyote was very cautious. Something spooked it and it ran back to the back of the pasture.

Apples1 11-11-13




I’m guessing 30-40 feet from the swingset



After it ran through the fence, I came back home. After all.. I have things to do!

A few minutes later… the phone rings again… it’s back!

Soooo…. I grabbed my camera and headed back. I tried sneaking up alongside the garage, it looked up and I think saw me. I was just ready to start crawling when something down the road spooked it and it ran back to the fence.

Ah ha! Now’s my chance!!


I got IN the kid’s playhouse! Which just happens to have a TREE growing IN it!! It’s cold…. and the ground is hard! Anyhoo…. I sat there for over an hour, hoping it would come back because I would be sooooo close now!!!


It never came back while I was there Sad smile. Maybe another day.

Whew… sure didn’t see my day going like this! Now to get back to whatever it was I was going to do before that critter!! LOL

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Kyla B said...

You must come out to our new house if you want a good shot of a coyote. Have them in the backyard all the time! I have tried to do a little shooting of my own....but not with a camera :)

Saints Rule! said...

The things we do for a great shot! lol We have a pack of ten of those bad boys (and girls) in our neighborhood. One of the local farmers lost a calf to them the other night. I keep thinking Allie (aka the brilliant Thoroughbred) will take care of our sheep but I think they may be on their own... lol... Installed new lights in the barn this weekend to discourage any covert activity! {[hugs}}

Karen said...

Oh girl. Too bad he didn't come back, but your dedication is amazing. Some day! You will catch him.

stampingbowd said...

Oh Dawn, what a fun post! I just had to come over from SCS and check out your blog when you mentioned the coyote! The shots you did get of him are gorgeous!

Love your card too! You chose amazing paper to stamp on!

Beautiful photos of the concert!

Marilyn said...

I hope he doesn't hurt the llamas. Will they kick his butt if he gets too close. Your photos of him are beautiful.
Love that adorable snowman card you created! :)