Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snowflakes!!! and Wiley Coyote

snowflake background, snowflake sentiments, sparkling snowflakes

A peek at what’s new coming from Our Daily Bread designs in December!! Wow, can you believe we’re at the end of another year…..

These are the only snowflakes I’ve seen for a while!! It’s been pretty mild around my neck of the woods lately. I’ll take that…………….. but you know, I DO love my snow!! Winking smile

snowflake background, snowflake sentiments, sparkling snowflakes

This is Snowflake Background, Sparkling Snowflakes and Snowflake Sentiment. All stamped in Onyx Black. Yes, I said black! Then sprinkled with Ranger Fine Detail Gold embossing powder and heat set.

Spellbinders used, Marvelous Squares and Lattice Rectangle. And that’s gold mirror paper behind the Snowflake Background.

And there’s something else that goes with the snowflakes….but you’ll have to wait until Dec 1 to see that!!


Here’s another card done for the sketch at OWH

snowflake background, small snowflake background, bookmarks-snowflakes, snowy blessings

See more snowflakes?! Yup… ANOTHER background!! And a beautiful tag set and lovely sentiments!! Small Snowflake Background, Bookmarks-Snowflakes and Snowy Blessings


Now, are you wondering about that coyote?

Tuesday morning, about 8, I happened to look out my kitchen window and notice the llamas at ATTENTION! One or two I usually don’t care… but almost ALL of them… I start scanning the pasture!

I could see something just on the other side of the fence but couldn’t quite make it out…. so I grabbed my camera {nice zoom lens!}, and… in my robe and slippers headed outside. Oh, did I mention it was 26*?!!!

Once I zoomed in I could see it was a coyote, just sitting there checking things out! Hmmm, could I walk out in the pasture and get closer?


Piper, one of 2 newly acquired alpacas, was the first to get a close look. He was doing his little alarm call!


Hmmm, Wiley Coyote, is thinking…. these things get bigger!! Sulley and Pedro checking him out!


I was fairly close, maybe about 30-40 feet and Wiley really hadn’t gotten a good look at me yet….until now! He scooted into the brush.


Doesn’t he know, “curiosity killed the cat”, or could have been coyote had I been armed with a gun rather than my camera!
I hollered at him and ran up to the fence and he skedaddled into the brush!

We found out later he was in the next door pasture hunting mice. The grandkids saw him catch one! That’s a good boy… stick to mice and rabbits and don’t think of big game!

That’s it for now…. thanks for stopping!



Amber (bambi64) said...

bawahahaha you with a gun!! That cracked me up. Very pretty card, know what set I'm gonna "borrow" when you go away again ;)

Jeni said...

I didn't know you were packing heat Dawn?!?!? You go girl!!
Love your snowflake cards, beautiful!! ~jeni :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful snowflake cards, Dawn! Coyotes scare me. We have a pack of them close by our home. I hear them at night quite often. One actually went through our yard just as the DDs were walking up our driveway heading to the bus-stop. A little too close for comfort. LOL about how you could have been armed with more than a camera!

-Also Dawn.

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Beautiful snowflakes. Love the gold! And that Wile E. Coyote is sneaky. Good that Llamas are so clever (and you!) Can't wait to see your frosty snowy gorgeous photos this year, when you get snow, that is. Happy almost weekend.

Meghan Olsen said...

Wow Dawn I love the Cards and the Pictures!! I love the details and that was in your yard? Thanks for the inspiration!!

Linda said...

Gorgeous cards! tfs!!!

renee said...

?coy dog? Mexican grey wolf?

Benay J said...

Enjoyed your coyote story and pictures. How scary but the llamas were definitely doing their job. I've seen a few coyotes around but they usually don't get too close and I never seem to have my camera...dang it! This one doesn’t look scraggly like they do here in NM. Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing! Love your designs and PnP tuts!