Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pat Catan’s and Flower Soft!


I always have a blast when I demo Flower Soft at shows. Always get a kick out of the people when they see how it makes the image POP!
Hear the “ooooh”…. “ahhhhh”….and yesterday, teaching my first class at Pat Catan’s was no exception!

I had no clue how many would be attending, I had supplies for 20!! But, only 4 had signed up. Sad smile
Hey, no worries… at least there were 4! LOL
{I found out later, had we had it on another day, I probably would have met my quota! oh well….}

We used the Springtime Toppers, Wild Flowers Die Cut Dimensions and Girls Flowers Toppers.

The ladies LOVED it! “Oh, how pretty!” “don’t faint when you see how beautiful this is…” “I love this stuff”….. Yeah, I’d say the class was a success!

Flower Soft

Flower Soft

Flower Soft

Flower Soft

We had visitors too, the girls working had to come over and check out their projects!

Flower Soft

Flower Soft

Tickled with their projects and ready to buy some Flower Soft!

Flower Soft

I’m hoping they invite me back… but, Marcia, the lady in white, works there and does classes… so she is planning on doing more in her card class…. but who knows!

Fun, fun……………..FUN!

And, girls, if you stop by my blog, thanks for being such good students!! Enjoy your Flower Soft!!



Anonymous said...

Oh How Fun! Wish I could have been there for the class.

-Also Dawn.

Anonymous said...

I attended the Pat Catan class and it was amazing. I intend to have everyone use it on our next card. Loved it.


Colleen said...

Sure looks like everyone had a great time and their cards are gorgeous.

Ann said...

It is so frustrating to prep for many and have only a few. I've had that happen to.