Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Color… A Trip to New England and Alpacas?…. Really?


Last week hubby and I headed to Massachusetts so he could work a day plus a couple hours the next day.

“It should be beautiful” he said…
“New England Fall color!” oh boy!!!

Little did we know that NE was 10 days to 2 WEEKS behind OHIO in color!!! Oh well, we did a little site seeing, I got to meet someone I’ve known online for a few years and we drove home through Amish country here at home and saw some awesome COLOR!

Goodness, I don’t even remember how long I’ve ‘known’ Dawnel… 5 years? We met on SCS from a comment… her nick “DLM”, which are my initials switched around… and to both be “Dawn’s”… we just clicked!

We share recipes, talk about our kids, our family… stamping… and her crazy awesome sewing skills! Anyway, when she found out I’d be ‘close’ to her in MA she said she’d drive the 1.5 hrs, pick me up and we’d go to the coast. Well, that day it did nothing but rain! UGH! So we opted for lunch close by and a stroll around the mall, talk-talk-talking! And she brought me some of her baked goods… 2 kinds of scones…. yum… they were delish!
It was a pleasure meeting you, Dawnel…. hugs!


I took a pic in the mall with my phone, not ideal for a photo shoot! Hence the BW.


A day and a half of seeing the Atlantic…. wish we’d had a little more time and nice weather, but I’ll take what I can!


Mayflower replica… to think the Pilgrims came all that way on this little vessel… amazing!



From Plymouth… to Cape Cod



From here, around the corner (just about…) to the Knob… a beautiful piece of property donated to the state for all to enjoy a beautiful sunset!







We took some side roads outside Millersburg, Ohio. Unfortunately we only had about 1.5 hours of daylight, seriously? I need a whole day to get all the pics I want to get! LOL! But, I settled for the little time and snapped away!












And color here at home… just down the road!

Woods a-10-16

Now, what about those Alpacas? Anyone that knows me KNOWS I’m a Llama lover and have never even entertained the idea of owning the “A” word!

Enter sort of a rescue situation, the right price, and the thought of several new 4H kids next year (what am I saying??!!…. am I committing to another year?!)… and not all my llamas being 4H material… I caved!


Meet Piper and Alpachino
the llamas aren’t quite sure what they are and want NO part of them! it’s really kind of comical watching! the llamas move as ONE body if the alpacas get anywhere close! LOL


Following me out to the other pasture… behind me are the llamas… I only had my phone to take pics, I should have grabbed my camera!


And Candy, the new kitty, follows behind! Just after I took this picture, the llamas all took off running back to the other pasture with the alpacas in hot pursuit! Too funny!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into my world!

Thanks for stopping!



Kelley said...

The pictures are GORGEOUS!!! Ad I think the A's are really cute!

Kittie said...

Your fall photos are so gorgeous! Well....the ones of NE are as well. But you caught my eye and my heart with the gorgeous fall colors and country roads. It reminds me of growing up in West Virginia where fall was a glorious event for the eye.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you were able to visit NE, Dawn! It was so much fun meeting you IRL.

I loved seeing your pictures of Plymouth and the Cape, as well as of Amish country in Ohio.

BTW, your alpacas are adorable.


- Also Dawn.

Roxie said...

Beautiful photos and how nice to get to meet someone you feel you've known for years!

Marilyn said...

I really enjoyed the photo trip to the charming North East. I took a bus trip all the way up to the Canadian border many years ago in the Fall. The beauty of the turning trees was pure splendor.

I just love your snooty Llamas, trying to keep their distance from those adorable Alpacas. It looks like the kitty is herding the whole bunch. lol :))