Friday, August 10, 2012

Los Llameros and the 2012 Champaign Co Fair!

A look into a week at the fair ending with our llama show!

We always have several llamas out in the open pen on display for people to see. Several years ago the vendor out in front of us who sells corn on the cob offered us the corn husks... kids, young and old get a kick out of feeding the llamas! We have an endless supply, the llamas think they're getting a treat and we sit back and smile watching everyone have fun!

Of course we wish we had a nickle for every time someone asks "Do they spit?!?" LOL!
And sometimes we get some doozey questions!
We've been asked... IN ALL SERIOUSNESS!... "do they lay eggs?", "are those horns?" (referring to their ears), "are they emus?"..... and this year...
"are they vegetarians?"

Sit back and enjoy!

some of the pics just didn't turn out, sorry bout that! but I uploaded them anyway


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mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Loved seeing all your beautiful photos. I think I have to give you a nickle so I can tell ya my Llama spitting story. When I worked as a daycare teacher, we took the kids to the zoo. One little fellow (who was our naughtiest one of all) was poking at the llama and taunting it despite being told not to, and it spit on him! Think he learned a valuable life lesson about being kind to others. ;-) Gotta love llamas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting your slideshow! DDs and I always look forward to your llama pics!

-Also Dawn.