Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Late for a Blog Hop…But With a GOOD Reason!!!

Happy Fourth to all my American friends!! Stay cool and enjoy your day!
SurgingSeaFS blk
I had good intentions…really I did! BUT Mother Nature had other plans!!
On Friday, June 29, late in the afternoon, a powerful storm rolled through Ohio. Later I was to learn it also hit several other states, one being Maryland….it got from here to there in 4.5 hours….. A 10 HOUR DRIVE BY CAR!!! They called it a Land Hurricane and clocked the winds at about 100mph!
Anyway, we weren’t home at the time, but thankfully all the dogs were in the house and the llamas had the sense God gave them to get out of the barn and into the open pasture away from trees, they were soaking wet but safe!
This is what we came home to…. {right click on any picture to bring it up larger in another window for your viewing pleasure}
Road1 resz
Trees totally blocked our road and had taken power lines along with them!
Ash1 resz
Ash2 reszAshRoot1 resz
The big Ash that was out my kitchen window, the one with the tree face, the squirrel feeder… shade… wow! Thankful how it fell, just grazing the house and doing minimal damage to it! One branch rested against the corner of my dining room, another on top of the roof at the opposite end of the house!
We were amazed at the power to yank the roots up to the surface!
Soffit1 resz
Roof1 resz
Gazebo1 resz
The gazebo and hot tub weren’t so lucky! The Ash demolished them!!
Gazebo2 resz
Trampoline1 resz
We also wondered if this Catalpa tree hadn’t been there where the trampoline would have ended up! LOL!
Trampoline3 resz
All in all we lost about 10 trees around the yard and pasture. Thankful no fences were down and that we had a generator to keep the fridges and freezers running!
We were without power 4 days….there are still people without power!! The temps are in the high 90’s and humid…ugh! Power companies from all over sent crews here to help. The guys that fixed our lines were from western Tennessee!
Now comes the clean up… it will take a long time to cut up all the trees and clean up all the debris! Thanks to to awesome friends and family that have come to help and fix meals too, it will make the job a lot easier!
So, if you wondering just why I haven’t been around OR why I wasn’t part of the blog hop…now you know the rest of the story!!
Here are the cards I would have shared with you on Sunday for the ODBD July release!
Surging Sea, Flower Soft
This is Surging Sea
Surging Sea, Flower Soft
Colored with Copics and a little of the NEW Flower Soft color, The Patriot, added to the compass.
Surging Sea
I wasn’t on the oceans… but this verse was sure perfect for us and the storm!
At the beginning of last week, we had a funeral… a very dear saint of God and close friend. This is the card I sent to his daughter.
Loving Memories
Loving Memories
Colored with Copics and sponged with distress ink.
Loving Memories
I’ve yet to go through the hop myself, but I know the girls did a fantastic job showcasing these beautiful new stamps from Our Daily Bread designs!
This week is still kind of a blur…hopefully next week I’ll be back to the old routine!! haha!
Enjoy your day whatever your plans…
and as always,
Thanks for stopping!


Lynn McAuley said...

Looks like you had a most eventful week, Dawn! My father worked as an electrical engineer for the electric company until he retired so I know about storms (most of ours are hurricanes) and electrical crews. Sometimes we wouldn't see him for weeks and my mother, my sister, and I spent more than one hurricane home alone.

Best wishes and prayers being sent your way as you clean up and repair from this destruction.

The cards are gorgeous!!! Nautical images are some of my favorites!

Becky said...

I am grateful none of your were hurt. Praying that clean up will be quick. Thanks God for family and friends.
Beautiful cards.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your family as you commence the clean up effort! So glad to hear that no one was injured during the storms.

As for your cards, they are stunning! I love all things related to the sea, as they remind me of my father.

Thanks for sharing...


Joanne (jojot) said...

OMGosh, truly was like hurricane damage.....incredible loss of your dearly loved nature, but grateful that you and yours (2 legged and 4 legged) are all fine....sad about the hot tub....but....wishing you a full recovery.....if I was closer I'd bring ya some food....but all I can send are my best wishes


Grace said...

Just incredible pictures Dawn! Makes us all so grateful for the safety we all enjoyed through this storm and others! God has His watchful eye on us all! I know it's a huge mess to clean up but the thanksgiving for safety of life will surely help, as will family and friends! We missed you on the hop and I'm so happy to finally get to see your cards! They are beautiful as always!

hugs & prayers,

Antoinette/Cultivate Life in Joy said...

Dawn, I am thanking and praising the Lord all is well and could have been drastically worse..happy to hear your family & critters are all accounted for and safe. Will be praying for strength, courage, peace and understanding that God is in the midst of the storm and will turn out well..

Angella D. Crockett said...

Hey there! So glad that no one was hurt and that the damage was minimal! Sure missed you during the hop! Both of your cards are awesome! Blessings, Angie

RitaR said...

Dawn ... I'm rejoicing with you that the Lord protected your family and animals from that powerful storm. My family in West Virginia was in the path of that storm and are just now getting their power back. I live in Virginia and that storm arrived here at 10 pm ... we were without power until Tuesday at 4 pm. During the outage the temps were between 100 and 105 each day. Makes us really appreciate having our air conditioning back! Praises to the Lord for His protection of my family, too!

Enjoying your beautiful cards, as always!

Ann Marie Governale said...

Wow. What incredible pics but thankfully you are all safe. Your cards are always an inspiration... xxx Ann Marie