Monday, April 9, 2012

Man’s Best Friend…

TLCdog blk

From my earliest memories there has always been a dog involved! And I can’t imagine life without one! At the moment…. we have 3!

Dodge 4-12

This is Dodge, our oldest, I think this Fall he’ll be 15 or 16! He’s still spry although his hearing is starting to go… he also has ‘selective hearing’ just like an old man! He’s a Collie/Australian Shepherd and loves everybody!

Jack 4-12

This is Jack, a Boxer/Jack Russell mix. A sweetheart who sounds tough, but wouldn’t hurt a fly! He enjoys chasing the llamas, and they put up with him!
He’s about 5 I think.


Bandit 4-12

And, Bandit, a Shih Tzu, who at this stage before he gets groomed (which is tomorrow) gets called Scruffy! Dumb as a box of rocks, but as loving as they come! I think he’s 6 this year.

This is all leading up to a card believe it or not! LOL!

TLC372 More Than Himself

And, yes, we had a Beagle at one time too, Mr. Miyagi. {can you guess what movie we’d just seen when we got him as a puppy?!}

This is from ODBD, Dog Sympathy…but this card isn’t for a sympathy card, it’s going to a friend before his surgery “from his dog” with love!

It’s colored with Copics, the clouds are sponged with my  homemade cardboard template. I added a couple butterflies from Flower Soft’s Die Cut Dimensions, Butterflies.

The card was also done for the Technique Challenge on Splitcoast, Faux Dry Embossing. You can see a tutorial here.

TLCdog clsup

I used Spellbinders Fleur de Lis Squares

I took a couple pictures while outside this morning… the apple tree is just loaded and I’m hoping the night temps don’t hurt the Fall crop!

appleblossoms 4-12a

appleblossoms 4-12b

Try the technique, it’s a fun one
with oodles of possibilities!

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Joanne (jojot) said...

gorgeous and handsome fur babies....fab sentiment AND stunning floral photos....AND LOVE your animated banner decor...fabbo

Cathy said...

Dawn, we love our dogs, but I had to giggle at your "dumb as box of rocks' comment. I have had a loved a couple of those LOL beautiful cards.

Anonymous said... the photos of your dogs. I miss having one around (we always owned beagles).

Love the card and photographs.


Anonymous said...

Love the card and "meeting" your dogs. I miss having one around (we always owned beagles).

Your photos are gorgeous!


Mary Marsh said...

this is a beautiful card Dawn-love your coloring skills-I enjoyed reading about your dogs-we dont have one but I love them