Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Pinterest Tip and Crafty Too!

Yes, I admit it…
I’m addicted to Pinterest!
There is just so little time and $ for all the ideas I’ve pinned!! And the recipes…oh my!

This is what we had last night; it was sooo yummy!

enchilada blackbean soup

I’ve also been playing with a new app on my phone, PicSay Pro….yes, I had to buy it after playing with the free version!
So, this picture and the following were taken with my phone and edited in PicSay.

I’m not necessarily an ‘organized’ person, oh, I’d love to be one…it’s just not totally in my nature! and…I get lazier the older I get… LOL

But, I’m trying!! I really am!
I found this tip on Pinterest for the bathroom cabinet. I wasn’t able to find the exact containers in my limited searching.

If you saw my post yesterday, you saw that I’d played with a new digi set from Sassy Cheryl’s and made a full sheet of ladybugs and flowers.

don’t worry….it all ties in together, keep reading! lol

The containers I found are made for the shower or even kitchen sink, able to drain. That’s all fine EXCEPT if you want to put thin things in that might slip through the slots! What to do?!!

Cut some paper and line the bottom!
while you’re at it, might as well make it cute!!

BR Cabinet Organization

BR Cabinet Organization1

BR Cabinet Organization2

I had just enough cardstock left that was printed that I got 2 inserts! (colored with Copics)

BR Cabinet Organization3

The thought “I’m turning into my mother” crossed my mind….she saved EVERYTHING!! I never thought I’d be using toilet paper rolls for anything!!

Now the little things like tweezers, splinter tools, etc that easily get lost in the clutter of the cabinet… WON’T! 

Gee, it’s been at least an hour
since I’ve checked…
someone has no doubt pinned something I NEED!!!

Thanks for stopping!



Francie G. said...

Well how cool is this! Great idea! TFS!

Cathy said...
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Ann English said...

Totally cool! I have that Pintreset but I'll be darned if I know how to use it so it just hangs out there! Think I'll follow you lead on the phone app! Very cool!

Joanne (jojot) said...

well...Pinterest is the reason I joined FB as I had to be on either FB or TW to join....or so it seemed....however, I really haven't been able to play too much with Pinterest as my 'good' computer has been at the repair shop for over a month and this dinosaur one freezes up all the time

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Clever idea to use pretty paper & a container! I did something similar with TP rolls inside a drawer front but never would've thought to try it this way. Love that pattern.