Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Baking and a Cookie Party!


Yes, it’s that time of year that so many are busy baking all those goodies for the holidays! Me? The older I get the lazier I get!! Plus I figure if I bake it… I’m gonna EAT it! My waistline doesn’t need all that! LOL!!

A friend always has a “Cookie Exchange” party… bring 6 dozen cookies and everybody shares! Makes my job that much easier!

I made ‘snowballs’, a recipe my mom always made only at Christmas. You might know them as Mexican Wedding Cookies… I like SNOWballs…lol, you knew that!


Here they are just out of the oven….cool a little then pop in powdered sugar. I like to coat them once, let them cool some more then give them another dusting of powdered sugar.



I also made some Almond Roca, a little dish to take to the hostess and the rest for our pleasure and entertaining. I’m thinking though, I should have taken a bigger portion to the party…. it is soooo good I’m afraid how much I’ll eat!

Almond Roca to me is special… growing up it was something we only had at Christmas. After I got married, moved away from home, had children and mom would come to visit, many times she’d bring a can of Almond Roca! In fact one of the kids said tonight, “Gee, Grandma always used to bring this!”


Mine wasn’t quite as pretty as the picture where I got the recipe… I had to hurry mine along a bit in order to leave for the party…but it sure tasted YUMMY!!
I toasted the almonds in the oven as it was warming up to bake the snowballs…I can still multitask!

Anyhoo, it was a hit at the party! This is where I got the recipe… and just a warning, once you visit you better have time cause you’ll get lost in there, and find lots of recipes you’ll want to try! Just sayin!

It was a nice evening of food, fellowship and fun…just us girls! Here are a few pics of the house, it looks like out of a magazine!





This wasn’t part of the exchange…
this was dessert! Yum


Everybody brings a fun container, we play a game passing our container left or right as the hostess reads a funny story with the words ‘left’ ‘right’ in it and everyone ends up with a different container. It’s a lot of fun….slap happy fun!


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Carole said...

EVERYTHING looks beautiful and yummy. OH! what fun ...and I missed it :~( Send Jared down with a "doggie bag" tomorrow! ox Carole

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures Dawn! Love the container game and now I have to make some snowball cookies!

True :D

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

A cookie exchange is such a great idea. Your pics are making me HUNGRY! :-D Merry Christmas to You and Yours, Girlfriend! xox