Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Pictures On Canvas! What Fun!


A few weeks ago I was asked by
Easy Canvas Prints
if I’d like to have one of my pictures put to canvas and write a review. I checked out their site
and was in love! You betcha!!

The only problem was …
WHAT to send them!!

You know me, always taking pictures and adding fun effects or wordart. I decided to go with one of my Nova Scotia trip pics.


Let me tell you, Easy Canvas Prints is super easy to navigate. They walk you through each step and you have the chance to see what the end result will look like before making your final decision. Even Customer Service was very helpful. They’re eager to please for sure!

Mine is 11x14 but you can customize your own in a wide variety of sizes. They also offer different border options. Since my photo had a grunged edge, I decided to have my border color continue on in white.


I’d actually had another quote on this picture, but Timothy thought this one would be better…so we sat down and came up with this wordart. I LOVE IT!

So, next thing I know,
Easy Canvas Prints 
is having a sale. I HAD to get another!


This is a picture Timothy took with his phone! This is an 8x10 and this time we went with the black border.

This could be real habit forming! What are you waiting for…check them out, I’m glad I did!

Thanks for stopping!



Holly aka Toy said...

Oh my word! That is gorgeous, Dawn!! Actually, both are gorgeous. Amazing!!

renee said...

wow!!! beautiful...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful, what a neat idea!

Joanne (jojot) said...

Holy Moley, gf.....these rock

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Wonderful! The colour is so rich. What a great gift to take someones pics & make art. I bet that could be habit forming, but you'd get all of your Christmas shopping done, hey? :o)

Linda said...

How is exciting for you. My DH believes the walls in our home should be filled with photos of our family and pictures of places we have been. He even wants me to frame some of my cards. This is a perfect solution.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dawn...these are gorgeous! What a wonderful idea. The first canvas really means a lot to me right now, and was very helpful...I copied your sentiment...and put it on my worktable.

Joshua is going to boot camp for the Air Force very soon. We received the call last week. So, I was going through quite the scary storm...and God gave me a calm peace. I don't have to do anything...except remember who He is.

These are both so lovely. I think I will have one of our Alaska photos made into a canvas. Only I am not as creative as you at making sentiments. It was a trip of our life time.

Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts and photos, and this company!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather