Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kids, Llamas and Carrots!

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It’s always fun to take the llamas to a library story time and share them. I never tire of seeing kids of all ages getting to feed the llamas a carrot, pet and love on them… some of them for the first time ever seeing a llama up close and personal!


Today most of the 4H club went along to the library in Troy, Ohio. Sit back and enjoy the pictures I managed to snap today…


This is Nancy, the children’s director



Watch his expression as Annie takes the carrot! LOL


These two boys are brothers. I thought they were so cute in their sunglasses!

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I love to catch their lips gently taking the carrots!





I caught this one with the carrot falling in mid air


It’s been a few years since Annie was at any type of gathering. She enjoyed LOTS of carrots and got LOTS of hugs! Not so intimidating when they’re kushed! (the position she’s in)

And with that we bid good-bye and loaded up. It was a satisfying morning!

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Grace said...

Oh what a special day Dawn! Thanks for sharing these pics with us!!! I don't know which I love more.... the kids faces or the Llamas!!! I'd love to hug them all!

Chrissy D said...

Beautiful pictures - the children look like they are really enjoying the day!!!

J and D Pry said...

Your pictures are lovely.......I didn't realize how calm and patient the Llamas are, they looked like they really enjoyed being with the children. Thnx for sharing

Anonymous said...

This gave me goosebumps! I especially love the last photo with the little girl giving the llama a hug. Surely you are familiar with the children's book Is Your Mama a Llama? One of my girls favs when they were little.

Carol Dee said...

The llamas are beautiful and look well behave. My fav is the last pic with hugs...

Saints Rule! said...

I just love these photos. There is nothing more precious than watching children with animals. They just marvel at one another...

Peggy M said...

What a great thing you have done for these kids... I admire you. Enjoy your time off! Hugs, Peggy