Saturday, July 9, 2011

Annie Comes Home!

Annie cria

Nine years ago this cutie-patootie was born here.
I named her Annie after a dear friend and llama mentor
that died of cancer shortly before.

Annie, Lady

Annie grew into a big girl, was worked with by 4H kids, and had great spin-able fiber. But there comes a time when you need to downsize, make some cuts….and Annie was one of those decisions. (although I regretted it for years!)

To make a long story short… Annie needed to be removed from her current conditions along with her friend, Belle, also a llama born here…sweet as could be. I agreed to take them back, but unfortunately, Belle died before we were able to move them. Yes, I cried.

Thanks to Elizabeth (a former 4H’er) and her hubby, Sean, who went and picked up Annie and brought her home. She was a mess of burrs from her head to her tail, she hadn’t been sheared in the 3-4 years that she’d been guarding fiber goats. We had a BIG job on our hands!

Elizabeth was all ready to help me shear Annie and as soon as we both had the time we set about getting Annie cleaned up!


Annie, after being blown out with the Circuiteer. The barn was full of dust in the air!! GACK…CHOKE…COUGH


Part way into the shearing, I remembered how she liked to lay down while in the process! Hey, we can still keep shearing whether you’re standing or not! And we did!
Over 6.5 POUNDS of trash fiber was taken off her!


And there she is… all clean and ready to start afresh! Elizabeth even took her through a few obstacles, Annie hasn’t forgotten!

It’s too late for Annie to join the ranks of 4H, but look for her next year as several of the kids have already laid claim to her!! HAHA!

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mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Awwww! Annie is adorable. I bet she is so happy to be rid of all that burr-filled fur! So sorry to hear about Belle. Hopefully you and Annie can cheer each other up. Too cute that kids have dibs on her for next year! :-D Happy weekend oxo

Karen said...

She is so lucky to have you. She looks great. Good thing it is summer and not winter or she would be freezing! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about Belle. I am plesed to hear that Annie is back with you. She looks lovely after her hair cut. I bet she loved having it done. Give her a hug for me.

Unknown said...

I bet Annie already feels the love again. Too bad she had been neglected for so long but I bet your family will love her back into a happy girl again. Looks like the hard part is done. Would love to see pictures of her new coat before you shear her next. ;) Sorry about Belle.

True :D

Marlena M. said...

This is so fascinating...I love when you share pics of these cuties!

Marilyn said...

Annie looks so adorable with her new "Summer Do", and I just know she feels like a new llama! Thank goodness you brought her home so she can get the care and love she needs! My condolences for the sweet Belle! Give Annie a hug for me!! :)) ( I'm one of those big sappy animal lovers...can't help myself!)

Joanne (jojot) said...

Aw glad Annie has returned home and to such a wonderful welcome....lucky llama....lucky llamamama