Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Remember it From My Childhood…


That bright shining object in the sky was called the SUN! See? Shadows! Cast by the Sun!! And the sky was blue! Here in Ohio we’ve had so much rain, but we were fortunate to have a gorgeous day Saturday for the Upper Valley Fiberfest!

Not all my 4H kids could make it, 5 of the 9 went along with their llamas. It’s always good for them to get out with the public as they get asked all sorts of questions….good time to test their knowledge! Sit back and enjoy.


A walk around the grounds upon arrival. Ross and Levi with Scout and Tobi.

CarmRossLevi Walk

Carmen and Willy catch up


Katie and Shadow … wait for us!


The highlight of any time we take the llamas out is seeing the little kids as they get to see one up close and personal, sometimes for the very first time, to touch it and to feed it!
Here, Lady decided it was time for a rest and had kushed. (that’s what it’s called when they curl up “cat style” and lay down) She’s a big girl but not so intimidating when she’s at eye level!


I love this shot!


Lucky for the llamas since we’ve had so much rain it also means the grass can’t get mowed as often and the dandelions are everywhere! It’s always fun for kids (young and old) to pick some and feed them to the llamas!
This youngster wanted to feed Lady dandelions…BUT… he also wanted to eat them himself! Hence the look on Lady’s face, he had just offered her some then pulled back with “no, maybe I’ll try a bite first”!


Ahhhh, finally! With Mom’s help,
Lady got to eat the dandelions!
He was too cute!


Ryan and Lady taking it easy!


Ross and Katie sharing some Llama education.


I remember this lady from last year…love her bag… Shop, Bag, Repeat, Easy!
Ryan and Carmen sharing what they know.


We always say we wish we had a nickel for every time we get asked
“Do they spit?”! LOL


The Sheep to Ewe booth.


Lis, crocheting. You can read about how the shop got started in the current issue of Create and Decorate! The online pages are here in Country Lanes. I got to do the photos for this article!


We always take a few obstacles along so the public can see some of the fun things we do with the llamas.


Of course there’s always a future 4H’er that wants to try! Katelyn’s mom was in my club 10 yrs ago and worked with Tobi as a yearling!

CarmLeviKatie Walk1

We use any opportunity to practice an obstacle!

CarmLeviKatie Walk2

One last walkabout…

Thanks for stopping!



imastampin said...

I'm glad the weather was so nice for you. Your animals are beautiful. So are your photos. Nicely done my friend.

Joanne (jojot) said...

What a wonderful day for ALL...thanks for sharing,'ll always be Llamamama

Suzanne said...

What a fun day! I am glad to see Carmen in the photos. Perhaps, I will get there next year!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, what wonderful photos!! Yes, we had lovely weather and I'm glad the 4-H club could participate in the event. I heard many positive comments about your "critters" (human and camelid). Lis

- dlm. said...

Thanks for sharing photographs of your llamas! DDs and I always enjoy seeing them.