Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Time With" ... ME!

Two posts today! SC's #25 is after this one

Don'tWorry tile blk

I love Summer...except for the excessive heat and humidity we've had this year! But I love to see the ditches full of Queen Anne's Lace, Chicory...the Morning Glories climbing the cornstalks, lines of Sunflowers alongside vegetable gardens....and the abundance of butterflies!

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When Kelley showed us the sets for August, my mind started whirring with ideas, and yes, a little smoke! I mean, c'mon, Sunflowers and Chicory? AWESOME!

So, I put my ideas not to paper....but to tile! It's just an unglazed tile that you can pick up at your local Lowes, 5.75 x 5.75!

Don'tWorry tile GM I used Don't Worry, incorporated a verse from Scripture Series 1 and Fleur de Lis Borders.

Don'tWorryTileI stamped the verse first in Stazon, then I stamped the Chicory, masking where needed, with Memento Tuxedo Black...then the butterfly. Masking where I didn't want the lines from the border to stamp, I inked up only a portion of the border in order to expand it to make it fit the tile and using a fine tip artist pen, extended the line down the left side. *tip, I got lucky lining up the top portions of the border, but to simplify, use a stamp positioner.

Don'tWorry tile line

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Now, I've never tried using acrylic paints before, but this seemed like a good time to try! LOL... for some reason I just don't have good luck with markers on tile. For one, Stazon and Copics don't mix because of the alcohol base and dye inks just seem to disappear too, even with heat setting. So, here's what I did.... because the acrylic paint removed the ink too!

I used my first stamping as an outline for my color.

Don'tWorry tile paint_edited-1

Don'tWorry tile paint

palette A plastic plate as my palette!

Looks like a mess doesn't it! But my next step transforms it into what you first saw...the painted, stamped tile!

I love to over-stamp an image. To me it makes it POP! It defines the image and enhances the overall appearance. So, that's what I did, with Stazon and my stamp positioner. *another tip... make sure your Stazon is really juicy so you don't have to firmly press when you stamp to ensure a clean image...or it'll pull your acrylic paint right up off the tile! don't ask how I know! (I covered it up real good, didn't I!)

Then to accent the flowers and butterfly I used a Painty pen for the dots. I also gave it several spritz's of Glimmer Mist for some shimmer.

Don'tWorry tile butterfly And it's hard to tell, but I sponged the edges some with Distress inks. The final touch was giving a good coat of Krylon clear sealer.

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Now, while I was outside trying to get a decent picture, a bee and a little sweat bee were playing nearby. I was hoping the bee would land on the edge of the tile or on a Sweetpea close to it...but, nope!


Don'tWorry tile sweatbee added_edited-1

Don'tWorry tile sweatbee

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Hey, thanks for stopping by and I hope you try one of these tiles! (those of you from Stampaway, you know who you are! I better see yours when you get them done!!!) and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!



Becky said...

What a gorgeous tile. I love how you did this, and the fabulous pictures outdoors.

Traci S. said...

Oh Dawn~

How Gorgeous! Think Holiday Gifts! This is so beautiful...as is your photography...I love the different colors used in this.

Are you saying you have never used Acrylic Paints, or am I just not getting the info through my head ache? You did an awesome job, my friend. You are so inspiring!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Sandee Shanabrough said...

This is gorgeous Dawn! Just gorgeous!!!

slbt17 said...

wow! Beautiful!

Grace said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Dawn!! I am stunned with this one!!!

Angie said...


Thanks for posting the instructions. I talked to you at stampaway and loved your artwork. I plan to make something similar (can't come close to your master piece) and give out as teacher gifts. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

- dlm. said...

Dawn - Your tile is absolutely lovely! I haven't always had the best of luck with tiles, but I really want to try overstamping after painting with acrylics. Thanks so much for the tips as well as the inspiration!