Monday, August 9, 2010

....and 9 Llamas! Champaign Co Fair, Largest in the State!

ComeSeeLlamas crp

Although the fair started on Friday, it was official last night as Sunday is always the crowning of the queen, announcing 4H boy and girl of the year and the pig and calf scramble!

Before all the festivities started the announcer gave a breakdown of 4H kids and animals. There are 1,598 4H and FFA kids! Wow! 2,500 head of livestock...and that includes 9 LLAMAS!!! (a little over 800 of that number are hogs! can you say OINK!)

Here are a few pics I took yesterday...if you're a regular, you'll remember that the vendor that sells corn out in front of our barn gives us his husks and corn that isn't up to snuff to sell. We separate the husks, cut the corn in small pieces and have it available for people to feed the llamas. It's always so fun to watch expressions, hear giggles and watch reactions!







and, yes, that's her dad with a pink sequined purse! not his though, but it was funny to catch him in the shot! (aren't you glad I cut your head off, Dustin?!)

AddiShadow2 MaceyShadow1


Maci was so funny, she's not crying here, just managed to snap it when she closed her eyes...but she just shoved yet another piece of corn in Shadow's mouth (if you click on it, you can see the corn in his mouth)! The girls hardly let him chew before trying to give him another and of course he was all to eager to oblige! And the little boy... open wide and take this piece!


Well, time to pack up and head out for another day! Supposed to be 90 today! UGH! I took my spinning wheel out yesterday and spun most of the afternoon... today? just might be early before it gets too hot!

Stay tuned!

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Becky Raber said...

wow,, the fair queens are MUCH younger this year :o)

Becky said...

Great the sequined purse :)