Friday, July 30, 2010

Gardens, Kids & Llamas

ep1 blk Last evening I went over next door to see our son's garden, because of one vegetable in particular I'd never seen grown before. From there it led to the kids playing in the pasture while the llamas were out grazing... which of course led to some sweet pics!

But first this veggie...can you guess by the flower what this fruit, yes it's actually a fruit, will be?

ep1 ep2Do you see the spikes on this baby?!! OUCH! 

ep4Did you guess eggplant? Yup, you're right! I was amazed that such a small bushy plant could hold these huge fruit! They're ginormous!

ep5ep3 This one is probably the size of cantaloupe! I'm going to cut slits in it, stuff garlic cloves in the slits and roast it along with some tomatoes and more garlic. Then when it's cool enough to scrape out, I'll sauté some onions and more garlic in some olive oil and pour over the eggplant-tomato mixture...mmmmmmm, yummy!

Oh, and Gabriel's watermelons.

watermelon1 watermelon2

Our garden is going great guns with buckets of yellow wax bean, pink-eyed purple hulls (similar to black-eyed peas), cherry tomatoes, of course still zucchini by the boatload and the tomatoes are starting to turn..........mmmm salsa is just around the corner!


And then the kids played in the pasture amongst the Queen Anne's Lace and the llamas.

pasture play1 pasture play2pasture play3

pasture play4

Ahhhh, country life!

Thanks for stopping!!



elizabeth said...

Love love him petting deigo!

- dlm. said...

Awwwww...lovely pics of the kids and llamas! Once our eggplant is ready to be picked I'll try your roasted eggplant, tomato, garlic mixture. Yummmm!

MariLynn said...

I was going to guess some kind of squash.

Sabrina Jackson said...

WOW, Dawn, those are some awesome pics you are sharing!!! Love how calm those llamas are with the kiddos around. Oh, how I miss the country life. All of that green makes me think of back home in Germany. Have a blessed weekend!!! Hugs, Sabrina

Betty Benton said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your "country life". Love the field of queen anne's lace and llamas!

L. Brown said...

I always love to see your "country pictures". We lived in the country for about a year and I loved being there. Wouldn't have guessed eggplant. Happy eating--sounds so good!

Traci S. said...

Hi Dawn~

Thank you for sharing a slice of your country summer life. Those photographs are awesome. I bet you could win a prize with the kids playing in the Queen Anee's Lace Field...with the llamas so nearby! Wonderful!


He IS Able,
Traci S.

Francie G. said...

Awwww! Love the pictures of the Grands with the llamas. When I saw the llama sitting in the grass I thought it was a really big dog! Just too cute! Wonderful pictures of the eggplant! My mom makes an eggplant casserole that is delicious! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Pati said...

Love the pics of the kids with the llamas : ) Those are huge eggplants!! I've never seen them grown before either, I don't know that I've ever tasted them either...hmmmmm. How fun!!

Lenoria said...

I have never seen eggplant growing before! I love your pictures of the kids and llamas. My zucchini have all gone now, weather too hot on them I guess but I have lots of other stuff right now and am very thankful for all the earth's goodness that God sends our way! Thanks for sharing your pictures and the happy moments.