Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Digi Turns Into a Quilt...and other fun pics

HannahQuilt AL duckcow_edited-1Back when I was on Angels Landing design team, my one daughter who is into quilting was over, and I showed her this idea I had. Why not take these cute digital images from Toys On Wheels and Alphabet Train, and make a quilt! She loved the idea and started designing her pattern. HannahQuilt (Judi)
My good friend, PSE7, and I started sizing the digis, my daughter cut her quilt blocks (9x9) and we taped them onto printer paper so they would easily run through the printer. She embroidered each block, sewed it all together, then hand quilted it.   **correction! Jennifer reminded me we had a slight accident with the printer on a block, so she ended up tracing the images.(she was limited on blocks and didn't want to take any
we have done a quilt before though, running the material through the printer....see pic below**
HannahQuilt Angels LandingIsn't it darling!! She gave it as a shower gift, baby will at least know what letters lamb, cow, duck, elephant and puppy start with! LOL

So, PLAY with those digis! They're not just for making cards!!


FinishedQuiltMathiasCaitlin This is a block taped to printer paper and run through the printer.


A couple of weeks ago, I looked out my kitchen window, and this is the sight I saw. Oh NO!! The hammock flipped over and tossed Jack out!

Jack Hammock 1No, not really...on a really windy day it'll catch the hammock and knock it over. Jack just happened to be sunning himself!

Jack Hammock 2  I called his name and disturbed his nap! LOL


Last Saturday, Los Llameros de St Paris (my 4H club), set up at the Upper Valley Fiber Festival. Eight of the 9 kids were able to go, we took some simple obstacles to show people some of the things we do. It's always a good experience for the kids as they get asked all sorts of questions....hopefully they've been paying attention and know the answers!

The kids had spent some time during the week grooming to make the llamas a little more "public" presentable. As you can see, Tobi decided she should go with the "just off the farm" look!

JessicaHannah questions HannahTobikids

CarmenShadow cush



JohnFusion animal



The kids found this nice spot for a group shot. Too bad we were missing Jared!

Then we had a special visitor. One of my first 4H kids brought her daughter to see us. Katelyn had NO fear of these MUCH larger than her llamas! LOL


KatelynFusion limbo1

KaitlynFusion hoop

KaitlinFusion limbo2

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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Sabrina Jackson said...

WOW, your daughter sure is an artist when it comes to the sewing maching and what a cool idea to use those digi images. Thanks for showing this awesome quilt and the pictures of your llama kids ;D.....they sure are entertaining...aren't they?
Thanks for sharing!! Hugs, Sabrina

Kim said...

I love your llama posts, Dawn!!

Judi M said...

What a darling idea for a baby quilt. It's so interesting to see my digital images printed on fabric -- so many possibilities. Your daughter did a fabulous job with all that embroidery and hand quilting. I'm sure the new mom-to-be was absolutely thrilled to receive it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn~

How wonderful! I totally love the quilt. I can't imagine making one! She sure has a lot of talent.

I still can't get over those llamas! They look HUGE! Does anyone ever ride them? You should have a little llama on your signature on cards! :)

Dawn I love the write up they did on you and that card. You are such a talented artist, I think people should know more about you and your techniques.

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Jodi said...

Dawn what a cute quilt!! I love the cute and funny photo of your dog falling out of the Hammock!! LOL!!
Great pics of the llamas too!
Jodi =)

L. Brown said...

Good to see the llamas. I was beginning to wonder if you still had them. Always enjoy your posts and seeing all your beautiful work.

Marlene said...

Fantastic quilt!!! Glad your pup is ok...LOL. Oh, and I love llamas. (Probably because they have bigger butts than I do!)

Lenoria said...

I love these pictures! I only see llamas from the road into a field I pass or at the zoo so I love seeing your pictures. I know they use them some in the Smoky Mountains to carry goods up to Mount LeConte because their hooves are so soft they don't tear up the ground. That is about the extent of my knowledge of them. They are gorgeous and I love their fluffy look and their big gentle eyes.

- dlm. said...

What a cute quilt! Many congrats to DD Jennifer. TFS the llama pics!