Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Fresh Look! My New Studio

color blk

I'd been thinking about it for quite some time...
I finally bit the bullet!

Here are a few shots of the "old" room. It was my baby's room, painted blue with a never finished circus train stenciled on 2 walls. (my baby is 18!) Then it became the sewing room....with the same blue walls...and when the stamp bug bit me, they took over!

clicking on the picture will bring it up larger in case you didn't know *wink*

table 4








basically a path through the room!








the start of the move!




Y'all Ready For This?

my areaStanding in the doorway, this is the view! A south facing room. We're going to go around the room as you enter.. ok, here we go!

ribbon1 Just a little bit of ribbon!

ribbon Oh look...more space! teehee

ink extra Extra ink space...can't have too much ink can we?!

pockets Shoe organizers make fabulous STAMP organizers too!

hutch paper This is my favorite!... "Curb Side" bargain from several years ago. This lady down the street from Amber put this out for rubbish collection.... so I collected it! and STAMPED on it!

Part of my Prism cardstock (yes, I said part!), 12x12 DP & Prism and envelopes.

hutch top I've always wanted to display some of the fabulous creations my stamping friends have sent me over the years. You've inspired me more than you'll ever know! The llama picture is from some dear friends, just thought it was too cute to not put up somewhere! And the peacock feathers? Those are from a llama friend in PA I got to meet some years ago. (well, not from Chris herself! she's NOT a peacock! LOL)
Jared, probably around 10 years old, was with me and just loved the peacocks. After we got home, Chris sent him a package of feathers!

closetThe closet, (the only bedroom when we moved here that had a closet!) just to the right of the hutch... alterables and extra junque! And another shoe organizer! Perfect for punches!

shelf1 doorshelf1 I'm getting there... slowly, but I'm getting there!

photo area My professional photo area! LOL
The drawers still have stickers from one of the kid's elementary school days! Love my OTT lights!
We're getting serious here... organization!

work stationMy work station for paper cutting, Cuttlebug and Wizard. That clock was the first thing I ever had published...awww.

Notice my Spellbinders on cork board (thanks again Mel!)... but ya know, Spellbinders keeps coming out with more and more fabulous dies, I had to come up with another storage solution! Before the cork board, I had them in a zippered CD case (a piece of cardstock with magnets adhered and the dies slipped into each pocket)... but it was cumbersome and the dies never found their way BACK into the pockets!

sb cases


Look at the little amount of space these DVD cases take up!






sb cases front sb cases inside All my magnet/cardstock...of course I saved it!!... adhered it to the inside and slipped the die picture into the front! Voila! Easy, simple, cheap storage!

eye candyAnd why shouldn't I pretty up the room with a few of my creations too! At least until I send them to someone! I found that wooden CD carousel at my favorite store.. GW Boutique! (translated to Goodwill!) It's perfect for smaller punches.

the viewRoom with a view!

butterflyThis butterfly hung from the ceiling fan in the old room. It was given to my 2nd oldest daughter some 18 years ago by her best friend, Jenny. When Jennifer got married and moved into her own home, the butterfly stayed with me. Both girls now have families of their own and live thousands of miles apart. They just found each other after losing contact for some years, through Facebook. Jenny, you're closer than you imagined!

left deskStamps, tools, reinkers, glue dots, dimensionals...oh my!

above deskI gotta thank Lloyd for putting up my shelving and adding a ceiling light! Old houses before electricity! (no, my kids weren't raised in the dark! they just didn't have a ceiling light!) Lots of space now for things in easy reach! Love those little hangy baskets!

desk workspacedesk workspace closeupA tad neater than the original picture of my work space! NOW if I can only keep it this way!! Love my OTT and Sunlight lamps!

stamp drawer paper

Told you I had more Prism! This is under the table, along with more stamp storage! I have another one of these 5 drawer do-hickies at the other end too!

color blk My ever ready coloring tools!

This next picture means a lot to me.... it's of a dear friend who loved all sorts of crafting and would so enjoy seeing this room! She went to be with the Lord unexpectedly almost 5 years ago. The shelves you see are the shelves from her craft room. (oh my! she had less than a path!!!) The little card is also from her room. The hangy dealy I made at Summer CHA 08 and thought the sentiment was perfect to go along with Betty!

Precious Moments
I have
is something

and the card reads...

Reach Out And Touch Someone

I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.

I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone.

I've learned that I still have a lot to learn
I've learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
people will never forget how you made them feel


Thanks for letting me share with you today. I'm tickled to be in a neater, less cluttered environment.
If I can only keep it that way!




Joanne (jojot) said...

OH Dawn....I am so happy for you....and a bit envious hope that I can one day feel the sense of accomplishment you are now feeling....It looks fab....guess Lloyd is a nice to see all the personal touches in the room too...and the view...wowza....perfect stamping IT CLEAN (said my the person with 2 inches of paper shavings on her cave floor)....hugs my friend and ENJOY!!!!!!

Bastelfrosch's Kreativseite said...

Nevertheless, oh no, this is the pure insanity. How many things you have!!!!! My goodness, there we would have already become impoverished, would have starved my children and my husband would hunt me before the door. *gg*

Amber (bambi64) said...

MY room has never looked better! Can I move back into it?

Grace said...

Oh wow Dawn! Your new space looks incredible! It looks huge and I love the view out the window! I cannot wait for my new space to be finished!!! I'll be in my glory! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

Moni said...

It's an absolute dream!
I would also be glad once everything is clear.
Think it's fantastic the whole room.


America said...

OK-Im JEALOUS!!!! :) My space is in a cold one tier of a 3 tier garage. I freeze in there..... and Brrr im cold thinking about it!!!! SO, when can I move in to your cozy warm ebautiful space huh??? :) I just love what you did with your space and how youve organized it so beautifully. I also use DVD cases for my spellbinder storage as it's incredibly easy to store, save space and carry this way.

Kim said...

Oh, Dawn--it's beautiful!!! Cincinnati isn't too far away--can I come over and play at your house sometime? :-)

- dlm. said...

Wow, Dawn...your room looks absolutely amazing! Your organisational skills are just as inspirational as your artwork.

Karen said...

Dawn, it is magnificent! I really need to come and play with you some time. I love all your organization. You did a wonderful job. I'm sure you will really enjoy this space! I love it girl.

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh! It makes me wanna finish mine off. It looks SO amazing. What a lot of work. Ouuuu so many ideas to inspire. Now I can imagine where you work when I look at your creative lovelies. too neat!

Kittie said...

I love seeing your studio photo. Great room!

Gloria Westerman said...

Such inspiration.......I am so glad you share this with now makes me want to do mind..(ok I lost it there for a moment) so there is hope for all of us should pat youself on the back......great awesome job.......

Lenoria said...

I love seeing your room, especially since I am trying to organize mine - and I am about ready to run away! (Would you like to hire out your organizational skills?) Just kidding, but I do love how you have everything all sorted out.

Matildy Jane Designs said...

Awesome job! I'm working on my room, too. I'll post pics on my blog when I'm done. Congrats and love the hangy thingy you made at CHA!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

How wonderful - your room is delightful and I do believe you win the prize for the most toys!!! HUGS!

Pamela Levingston said...

I'd feel right at home in either version of your stamp room! Looks great!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

My goodness, Dawn! I want to come live w/ you, lol. I don't even have a room, much less a messy one. My stuff is in closets and a 3 door wardrobe that used have clothes (clothes are in the attic, lol). Every time I work, I have to drag stuff out. That's probably one reason it takes me so long. What a wonderful room you have!

Kathy Jones said...

Oooooooooh ---- I so want your room!!!! WOW, what a makeover, you must feel like a kid at Christmas!!!! All your supplies totally made my eyes pop as well!!!!

Wendy @ E-1-A said...


Windy Robinson Life Handmade said...

Wow... what a room! Happy scrappin there!

StampinCathy said...

WOW! This room is awesome and love all the fun goodies you have. This tour took me awhile to take....I was drooling over every pic and all the supplies you have. TFS

Sabrina Jackson said...

WOW, Dawn what an awesome room!!! No wonder you are making such wonderful creations....with a room like this everything is easier ;D;D. You are one blessed lady, my friend!!! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

Life Full of Sunflowers said...

Dawn, this is a great room - thanks for giving us the tour - you have inspired me to get started on mine :)

Hugs ~~ Janet

CFLanger said...

Wow! I just came across your blog from Mel's and I am so impressed with what you've done! Thanks for sharing it with us!

jogrybali said...

Dawn,Looking at Mel,s website I came upon your blog. Ithink your room is so beautifu. makes me want to re-organise mine. Can you give me the address where you bought the containers for your ribbons? I live in Bali and there are no craftshops here as we know them. I would like to order via the net.
Thanks, Happy stamping, Jogry/Bali

Dawn said...

Jogry, I got the plastic containers at Wal Mart. I don't know the brand name, maybe if you Google or look on Wal Mart online, sorry I can't help more than that.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if the plastic container that you used for the ribbons were Rubbermaid Photo and Media Storage Box, Set of 6? Here is a link I found to Walmart website that I think that kind of looks like it.

Dawn said...

No, the plastic containers are made just for ribbon.