Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Final Picking…Goodbye Tomatoes

spag sauce closeupSunshine today, but evening temps are promising some freezing digits, so I went through the garden one last time! I managed to pick enough Roma tomatoes, bell peppers and banana peppers to make some sauce.

spag sauce colandarWhile the onions and garlic were sautĂ©ing in the olive oil, I ran the peppers through the processor and plopped them in too…ooh the aroma!

spag sauce1

I love my food processor!spag sauce tom processor

spag sauce2Some salt, Italian seasoning and Oregano from Jennifer’s store, and it’s ready to simmer for about 3 hours! WoW! Does the house smell good!!

spag sauce doneWah!! I’m out of Parmesan cheese!!
Mmmmmm, so good even without it though!


Hope you’re warm and toasty in your corner of the world! Call someone you’ve been meaning to call… life is fragile, you never know if you’ll get another opportunity. Pass out some hugs.


Ahhh, I think I’ll have a pumpkin latte…made some pumpkin spice syrup while the sauce was cooking down *wink*.

Thanks for stopping!




Sharie said...

Love your photos and rounded corners today, Dawn!
Sauce looks yummy!

- dlm. said...

Your sauce looks amazing. Yummmmm! If you save some for me, I'll bring lemon ricotta cookies for dessert :)

ChristineCreations said...

Oh Dawn, that looks just yummy! Can I come over??? :)

Unknown said...

I am sooo drooling right now!

janice said...

now i want sauce. your sauce.
how do we get to your house? i will bring warm banana bread...


Mary Marsh said...

your sauce looks so yummy, dawn-I went through the last picking a few days ago-my garden is mainly herbs and we had a grape & plum tomato plant this year.
my husband is out today planting next years tulips and taking all our flower baskets away to the mulch pile.