Monday, July 27, 2009

Home From The Ohio State Fair..a LONG Post!

Ahhhhh, I think I was running on adrenalin for 4 days!! Yesterday I felt like I’d been up for 24hrs (or more) with no sleep… all just part of the FUN of going to State Fair!

So, a few months ago, Donna who runs the show, emailed me to ask if I’d like to be the “Awards Committee Chairperson”! MOI? It involved getting over 20 sponsors for various classes (thankfully she took care of getting all the awards…something that will be my job in the future) and getting all the ribbons/banners/awards in order for over 100 classes! I also stamped thank you cards for all the sponsors and our judges! ( I had to involve stamping in there somewhere right?!) I was pretty much running between the office and clerking tables making sure everything was running smoothly…or sitting helping at the tables. (one reason my pictures are all from the same angle!)

A huge THANK YOU to my moms that helped me in passing out ribbons and awards!! I couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Wednesday Lloyd and I went over to the fairgrounds, got our pens set up and I set to work on stuffing envelopes with ribbons!
Thursday was MOVE IN day, kids came here to load up the rest of our gear and the llamas…then the hour drive over to Columbus.

Opening night is our FUN night. The Drill Team kicks off the evening, with Lleaping Llama finishing the night. Lleaping Llama is open to anyone who wants to take their llama out in the arena and keep jumping until they miss or they are one of the last 10 or so left.

Now, you all know I’m great at still photos…but I need more practice at MOVING objects!! So excuse the blurry pics please!!!

RyanWillieLL1Ryan & Willie starting the show… low

RyanWillieLL2Ryan & Willie were one of the final leapers…finishing at 33 inches!

LeviScoutLL    Levi & Scout

HannahFusionLL1 Hannah & Fusion…this was Hannah’s first time showing at OSF. Fusion is one of my older guys and can’t understand why this girl thinks he should exert himself and go over this thing!

HannahFusionLL2Nope…just NOT going to do it! Just take me back to my pen and let me lay down! 

RossPedroLL1This is Ross & Pedro. Ross is new to the club this year, so this was a whole new experience for him!! Pedro also hasn’t been used by a 4H’er for a couple years and has never been to State Fair… 2 Newbies! A perfect match!
Notice how Pedro clears this low jump with plenty of room to spare!

RossPedroLL2We found out Ross is quite the jumper too! LOL!! He sailed OVER while Pedro went AROUND!

RossPedroLL4Darn post was in MY way! But look at how Pedro clears the jump!!

RossPedroLL5For a shorter built llama Pedro sure can jump! They were among the final jumpers!


Home to bed and up early to head over for 8am start!!


The kids started out with Showmanship. They’re grouped with kids in their age bracket and years showing, and have to show their llama to the judge to the best of their ability. This means having the animal clean, squared up and standing properly, looking proud and they have to know where to be standing at all times as the judge moves around. (this is called quadrants)

Oh, and being the good advisor and setting an example, I always do Adult Showmanship! (Debbie makes me!)

RyanWillieShmnJr Youth Showmanship
Ryan & Willie waiting their turn to walk up to the judge. Note the little girl behind them! She was a trooper throughout the entire show, so cute and is going to be an excellent showman as she grows up!!

HannahRossEthanShwmIntermediate/Novice Youth Showmanship
Here, Hannah, Ross and Ethan are walking around as the judge watches. (the man you see is not the judge but the ring steward, Bob)

EthanRossShwmLeadSqLookI try to take pictures to show the kids all the right things they’re doing and sometimes the wrong things. Note Ethan (on the right), stance is perfect but I don’t know who he’s watching…it’s certainly not the judge!
Ross is watching the judge…but look in the next picture…

RossPedroShwmLeadCloseup Oooh, Ross, lead is totally wrong. But, hey, it’s his first ever Showmanship class.

EthanRossHannahShwm Here the judge, Mark, is deciding his placings. In this picture is Hannah, Ross, Ethan and Marah at the end. (note Ross still has his hands mixed up…but just wait till you see him later!)

Eight kids in the class…Marah 6th, Hannah 3rd, Ross 2nd and Ethan 1st!!! Way to go Los Llameros!!!

JaredCarmWadeJessShwm1 Senior/Advanced Youth Showmanship
My older, more experienced kids… left to right… Jessica & Shadow, Wade & Magnavox (Wade’s regular 4H llama got sick so a friend of mine brought a llama for Wade to use, thanks Debbie!), Carmen & Freddie, Jared & Lady.

LeviShwmLevi & Scout in the center

JaredCarmWadeShwm2 Jared with perfect form! Note how all the kids are watching the judge!
Thirteen kids in the class…some tough competition! Jared placed 4th.


Performance Classes

All kinds of obstacles and the criteria for completing each one, the kids have to pay attention to the order, enter and navigate them correctly and hope their llamas follow them willfully knowing they won’t lead them into something that will harm them.
Hmmmm…we’ll see about all of this! LOL

EthanTobi IntPR1Intermediate/Novice Youth Public Relations
Ethan & Tobi 

RossPedro IntNovPR1 Ross & Pedro

HannahFusion IntNovPR1 Hannah & Fusion

HannahFusion IntNovPR2

Ross & Pedro 6th, Ethan & Tobi 5th, Hannah & Fusion 1st!

Senior/Advanced Youth Public Relations
The obstacle course is changed slightly between divisions, here instead of putting on the blanket, the kids have to put a chain “necklace” over the llama’s head. (the llama is supposed to stay within the circle)

JaredLadySrPR1 Jared & Lady

JaredLadySrPR2JaredLadySrPR3Objective: Llama SHOULD follow handler up ramp, across and down steps! Whoops!


Jessica & Shadow


Wade & Magnavox…that’s how it’s done!

LeviScoutSrPR1Levi & Scout    LeviScoutSrPR2 Hmmmm, note Scout’s posture…not too sure of this gate thing!

LeviScoutSrPR3Objective: Llama’s entire body SHOULD be following the handler! Whoops!


Intermediate/Novice Youth Trail Pack
The packs have to be filled out (crumpled newspapers) and the course is set up to include things you might meet on the trail.

HannahFusionIntPk1Here a cowhide is draped, the llamas are supposed to stay behind the line and look at it. You’d be surprised at how many freak out at seeing a hide and don’t want any part of standing anywhere close!! 
Fusion looks, but could care less!

RossPedroIntPk1 Ross & Pedro

Ethan & Tobi 6th, Ross & Pedro 5th, Marah & Rudy 4th, Hannah & Fusion 3rd!


Senior/Advanced Youth Trail Pack

JessShadowSrPk1 Jessica & Shadow

JessShadowSrPk2 Well done!

WadeMagSrPk1Wade & Magnavox
*note the boots, there was a pool of water they had to walk through at the end, but I didn’t get any pics of that!


Junior Youth Freestyle Obstacle

RyanWillieJrOb1 Remember at the beginning I said the llama should follow the handler ANYWHERE knowing they’d never take it through anything dangerous?
Some llamas walked ho-hum through this giant cat and didn’t even give it a second look! Willie was a little apprehensive…

RyanWillieJrOb2and just about beat Ryan OUT! LOL
Ryan & Willie got 4th in Jr Youth Public Relations, just didn’t get any pics!

Intermediate/Novice Youth Freestyle Obstacle

MarahRudyIntOb Rudy refused to go through the Cat, so Marah went on to the noodles.

RossPedroIntOb1Pedro’s not too sure!

RossPedroIntOb2  …but he realizes it’s not going to eat him after all!

Ross & Pedro 4th, Hannah & Fusion 3rd!

Senior/Advanced Youth Obstacle

JaredLadySrOb1 Lady eyed up this big cat, but followed Jared through!

JaredLadySrOb2 JaredLadySrOb3Lady started up the ramp fine… but Lady went off and decided she just didn’t want to do that obstacle!

JessShadowSrOb1Jess & Shadow…no problem!

JessShadowSrOb2   Teeter-totter mastered!

JessShadowSrOb3 Aced the ramp/walkway/steps!

LeviScoutSrOb1 Backing with an angle, Levi does a great job with Scout! Can you guess what Scout is looking at??!!

LeviScoutSrOb2At home, Scout is in with “his” girls and guards them with pride and joy! He takes his job very seriously!! So, why on earth would he even think to set foot in this GIANT black cat!! It’s bound to devour him then start on all the rest of the llamas in the barn!!

LeviScoutSrOb3 Scout refused the “cat” and the fabric strips…too close to that cat’s backside!!
Now, what’s wrong with this picture?! Scout aces the teeter-totter… BUT… Levi is supposed to be ON it with him! Points off I’m sure!

LeviScoutSrOb4 Again…Scout aces this obstacle, but Levi missed the memo that he was supposed to be on it too!!

Jessica & Shadow 5th!!


Halter Classes

I let the kids do ALL their own showing this year with their llama, this included entering them into halter classes. (I say this because some of the kids haven’t felt comfortable showing in halter, this year they had no choice! LOL)

The llamas are divided into wool lengths, light, medium and heavy. The kids went up against some big name breeders and adults!! And they all did a fine job!

Adult Non-Breeder Light Wool

RossPedroNB lineup Remember Ross in his first class of showing in Showmanship? Look at the transformation! After some pointers, he did a fine job showing Pedro! He kept him squared up, watched the judge and had his hands/lead correct at all times!

LeviScoutNB lineup1Scout has always shown well! He was Grand Champion Light Wool Male about 5yrs ago and Levi did an excellent job showing him!
In the line-up…Scout 1st, Pedro 3rd, Willie 4th, Rudy 5th!

Grand and Reserve
The first and second place winners of each halter class are called back in to determine the best of the best!

LeviScoutNB GrReHe was good…but not good enough for Grand or Reserve. Congrats to the winners!!

Adult Non-Breeder Medium Wool

CarmHannahNB1  Carmen & Freddie, Hannah & Fusion

CarmHannahNB2Waiting for the Judge…
Freddie 4th, Fusion 6th!

Adult Medium Wool Female…I guess I was busy at the time Jared was showing Lady…no pics! Lady 5th!

Adult Heavy Wool Female…same with Tobi!
Tobi 4th!

The kids also participated in Youth Judging. Again they’re separated into age groups and asked to judge a small obstacle class and a small halter class, writing down their notes and scores. Several of the “handlers” are to make mistakes in obstacle and the halter class includes some imperfections as well. Along with the kids judging are the real judges. Then at the end they’re either given an oral test by the judge or given a written one. Each is graded…then we wait till the following day to find out who won!!!

Congratulations to
Ethan 1st, Intermediate/Novice Youth Judging!
Jared 4th, Jessica 5th Senior/Advanced Youth Judging!!

With the Youth classes points are added and awards given. Ethan won a halter/lead for Youth Judging and Hannah won a duffle bag for Intermediate Youth Performance!! WOOHOOOO!!! I’ll have to get pictures of them with their awards. (just missed that during the time they were handed out!)


And one last picture….I think just about all the kids helped Lloyd in the arena keeping it “clean”, but I couldn’t help getting this picture of Jessica! Thank you all!


So, with two very full days of showing, we packed up and headed home! We have 2 weeks before we have to think of heading to county fair, 3 weeks before we show. And will we do State again next year?

It’s possible…yes, it’s possible………I think I need a nap!

Thanks for stopping!



Velta said...

Oh Dawn ~ I feel like I have just returned from the movies...Those animals are just gorgeous!!! Your pictures are great! What fun you and yours have had...TFS!!

Teri Conroy said...

That was a great post!!! My daughter has shown for a couple of years. Me too. We still consider ourselves newbies. I can't wait to show her this tomorrow. I loved every photo, thank you so much for sharing it all!

Teri Conroy said...

That was a great post!!! My daughter has shown for a couple of years. Me too. We still consider ourselves newbies. I can't wait to show her this tomorrow. I loved every photo, thank you so much for sharing it all!

Julia Aston said...

Wow! what an event Dawn! Thanks for sharing all your pics - no wonder you are exhausted!! Super peak into the Llama world here!

Dawn B. said...

Oh Dawn. I just love these pictures. My girls showed steers in 7 fairs. It was the funnest years of my life and this is the first year without it. I miss it so much. I was doing okay until I saw these. You have to do so much more with these animals than with a steer. What great memories. Way to go.

- dlm. said...

Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your photographs from the fair. I loved seeing the pics of the 4H-ers and your llamas.

Carol_F said...

Wow!! Dawn,

I came to your site to see the GinaK card-really beautiful-but stayed to look at all of the llama photos. Your photos are great and your commentary helped me learn a lot about showing llamas. I laughed out loud several times as I read your commentary about the llamas with "attitude", but really, really loved the photos of Hannah and Fusion at the beginning...both are spunky and determined...just had to smile at the expressions you vividly caught with your camera. Please let them both know I really enjoyed seeing those photos--brought a needed smile to me--and to please keep the llama showing up, Hannah. You will never forget the experience and you, too, will have something to look back on and SMILE!!!

Fondly, Carol F.

Melanie said...

Wow, can you believe I've never been to a fair like this! so cool seeing all the pics, congrats!