Thursday, June 25, 2009

Raspberries, Jam…and Roses!

First, the Roses!

CNT newsletter

Click on the picture to see how to make this Rose frame!

I love how the picture turned out! I had to send the frame to Crafts n’Things because it was Winter when they needed photos…somehow snow and smelling roses just didn’t work!! LOL

And…the fruits of my labor

raspberries strainer

Four and a quarter pounds of red raspberries! YUM!

toast and jamEight pints of jam!
I wish I could say that was freshly baked bread!
haha, but, nope it’s store bought.

I started my day picking berries, went for a walk, vacuumed… THEN was planning to make the jam. Well…Amber’s neighbor had other plans for me.

She decided today was a good day to thin her Iris and Hostas… and send her hubby to deliver a TRUCKLOAD to me!! I’m not kidding!! Although it’s not a full size truck, but still, it was FULL!! I was to split it all with Dianna…and it had to be planted ASAP as it was all bare root!

Do you know what the temps are today? UGH!! Right now it’s 93, thankfully it was just under 90 when we were digging holes! And she’s got MORE!!! Hope she waits to send them up till it cools off!

Hmmmm, think I need some more toast! *wink*

Stay cool and thanks for stopping!



Joanne (jojot) said...

OMG.....that project is wonder they grabbed that for

and the berries/jam look deeelish...I was never a good berry picker....when I was young and liked to pick them I ate more than half what I picked....and now....the bugs keep me away...I've really turned into an outdoors

Connie M. said...

Wow this is just sooo amazing, Dawn!!

Oh and that jam looks so very yummy!!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

OH my word, that jam looks AMAZING!!!!! We went blackberry, blueberry and peach picking yesterday and I am going to try to make some blackberry jam! We don't have a raspberry patch around here that I know of...but hmmm that makes me wonder if there is one and I just don't know about it???? Great now I want raspberry jam on an English muffin!!!

Carolyn King said...

beautiful project dawn!!! wow. lol....sounds like a HOT one...and planting flowers? yipes! Hopefully they wait for a cool front to bring any more over! lol!

- dlm. said...

The project is stunning! Your jam looks so enticing. I'll bet it would be fabulous as the filling to a chocolate cake with ganache glaze :)