Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finally…the Trip Home…Lighthouses & Moose, oh my!

We made it to Portland ME on Thursday evening, went to eat on the waterfront…and while there Lloyd started feeling chilled. Ended up he couldn’t even eat his dinner and we left to the hotel where he spiked a fever of 103.5! Friday was a dreary, pouring rain day spent inside our room…thankful I had the laptop while he slept it off!

Today he felt well enough to travel although very weak till late afternoon! So…off to the Portland Head Light. There was a Geo Cache here, but it was more like a scavenger hunt walking the trail, over a mile, and Lloyd just wasn’t up to it=(



025More of these beautiful wild roses! Just beautiful along the way and oh~so~fragrant!! 


027032033  034035036037

And my summer house…one of many I drooled over on this trip!



Now on to York and the Nubble Lighthouse
I’d visited this lighthouse on a similar work trip about 16 or so years ago, in October!
It was soooo cold I could barely stand outside the car let alone get pictures!
This one had a cache that didn’t take a lot of effort to find, so while I was snapping away, Lloyd was hunting.

041042044   See the cable and basket on the left, just above the rocks?
That’s how the keeper would get back and forth across the water!
Can’t even imagine!!
(by the way, the stop point on this side was where the cache was)


Can you imagine staying in this place?!!
What a view!


Ahhhh, I could have sat all day and just listened to the surf and watched the waves…
but we have to make our way home!!!


This is a pull off point on Hogback Mountain, VT where you can see 100 miles!



And this town of Bennington, VT was full of moose!!




077And that was just a handful, they were scattered all through downtown!

And with that, I say, good-night! It’s going on midnight and I’m pooped.

Thanks for stopping and following our trip. We should be home tomorrow!



Joanne (jojot) said...

so glad you were able to get to Portland Head Light and Nubble....arene't they fabulous.....I could sit at either one all day long, hot or cold.....did ya happen to go get ice cream at Brown's???

Thanks so much for sharing your trip with fun....and could have a second job as a photographer....beautiful pics, gf

- dlm. said...

Oh Dawn, I've so enjoyed seeing the sights of your holiday. You are one amazing photographer!

Hope that Lloyd is feeling better soon. Have a safe trip home.

Unknown said...

chickie pie! You were so close! I didn't know you were coming east! Beautiful pictures! My in laws live in York ME! Hope you had a great trip, you work WONDERS with a camera girl!