Monday, June 8, 2009

4th Time’s A Charm!

I’m not kidding… I was ready to call it quits after 3 miserably failed attempts at the technique challenge today on SCS. Here’s the challenge:

8.5" X 11" Acetate
Computer (guess you wouldn't be reading this without
Markers suitable for application on acetate. I used Copic markers, but sharpies or any other alcohol ink would also work. If you have Lumiere and powdered pearls, these also make a wonderful color medium with the sparklie goodness shining through.
Light cardstock (for mounting your acetate)
Print this picture out onto your acetate.
Flip the acetate onto the wrong side (side not printed), and add your color to the open spaces in your image. This can be done with markers suitable for vellum, paints, perfect pearls, glitter...get imaginative and have fun.
Once your image is colored and dry, attach your acetate onto a lighter color of cardstock, and finish your card or other project as desired.

Having an inkjet printer was a problem! The ink kept smearing even if I tried to heat set it with my heat gun. (you have to hold the acetate far enough from the heat source so it doesn’t warp)....(and I've since learned there is "printable" acetate! whodathunk!)

But…good ol’ Lynn, the challenge hostess, stuck with me and suggested dumping embossing powder over the ink (heat setting), then the ink COULDN’T smear!
Ok Lynn… ONE more try… No one can call me a QUITTER!!

Dream butterfly full closeupI Googled “Vintage Garden” and LOVED this image as soon as I saw it!

dream butterfly closeupYesterday I noticed this butterfly plastered to the front of Lloyd’s truck! I carefully peeled it off. The card will have to be hand delivered for sure(can you imagine what the USPS would do to this poor thing?!).

dream butterfly side closeup I used Copics markers on the backside of the acetate. It’s glued to a piece of white cardstock using Zip Dry glue…along the dark parts where it won’t show and a few tiny drops along the top and upper edges.
The little fellow’s antenna fell off, well, actually his whole head is missing…so I drew in the antenna with a fine tip artist pen.

TLC224 Dream Flowers and Butterflies

Ooooh, do I ever love how it turned out!! Now that I’ve learned the secret, I’ll do more of this…the ideas are endless!!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day where ever you are! We got some rain which was good for the garden.

Thanks for stopping!



Karen said...

LOL, you peeled the poor dead butterfly off his truck! lol roflol You will do anything in the name of art, won't you? Well, the result sure is fabulous! I love it.


Valerie said...

I will have the same problem with ink drying. I bought the kind of acetate that isnt "made for" printing...but there is more than one way to get it done, right?
So, as soon as it came out of the priner, you just sprinkled clear EP on the ink and heat set (from a safe non-warping distance)? Did the EP not get all staticy on the acetate?

Thanks for your advice and your card is stunning! I have some of my own garden pics I will print.

- dlm. said...

I'm so glad that you stuck with it. Your card is wonderful!

MariLynn said...

Dawn, this is gorgeous. Giving the poor little butterfly a chance to be art after his death is pure genius. Definitely a hand delivery.

Linda Carson said...

WOW Dawn!...enough said!

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

You did NOT! Really? Peeled this poor fella from Lloyd's truck? While he looks quite beautiful on your stunningly GORGEOUS card, it kinda creeps me out that you put this mooshed (albeit dead) butterfly on your card. Gertie's gonna run with this, ya know? You are truly an amazing arteest, Miss Dawn! (Pssst. Haven't you left yet?)