Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Some Snow!

Snow...beautiful snow!! I love it! We finally got a fair amount...they were calling for up to 12 inches, but I'm sure we didn't get that much. Now, in spots it's drifted and might be that deep!

One of the pines.

Don't think anyone will be using the tire swing!

The "porch" swing under the trees.

One of the Wren houses.

My faithful snow buddy, Dodge....but he was ready to go back in the house when we were done!

Lloyd on the tractor...see, not much snow!

Thanks for stopping!


Starla said...

Love LOOKING at pictures of snow....soooo glad that I no longer have to deal with it!!

- dlm. said...

Dawn - Beautiful pictures! My favourite is the Wren House. Thanks for sharing them with us!

stampqueen said...

Beautiful snow pics - I miss having snow, once in awhile anyway.
what a sweet looking pooch!!!