Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Llamas at Troy Library

For the past 5-6 yrs (could be longer??!) the Troy Library has had us come for part of their summer reading program. The llamas are always a huge attraction! We've had over 100 kids sign up before. This year they told me they turned some down so it wouldn't be too over whelming! As it was, one of the librarians told me she had enough crafts for 80 kids and they were all gone, all I know there were lots of kids, toddlers plus adults!

The staff even knows to have sliced carrots ready! They had several pails available so each child got to feed the llamas as much as they wanted.

We took 7 of the 4H kids and their girl was at camp but her llama got to go with Ethan today. It's always a good experience for both handler and llama.

Diego was so funny. He's such a big guy anyway, a lot of the kids were afraid to pet him...but he got tired of standing around and just kushed! Shoot, why should he stand when he could lay on the nice cool, soft grass while getting fed carrots and petted! He's no dummy!!

I'm putting up a slideshow too, so be sure to check out the fun!!

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Anonymous said...

enjoyed the slide show...I will have to show my boys when they get home