Saturday, April 5, 2008

Llama Ears?

Llama ears are usually referred to as 'banana ears' as that is what they resemble. If you remember, a dear cyber friend sent me a beautiful planter bouquet when Chungara died. These lily type flowers (don't know the name of the plant) were only spikes sticking up when it arrived.

They have now unfurled and although not banana shaped could look like llama ears!

I had to take a picture and share... this was a Mother's Day present one year, a puzzle put together and framed.


Kittie said...

I'm not sure of the scientific name of that plant, Dawn but my mothered sold them in her flower shop and referred to them as Peace Lilies.

Gary said...

So i'm wandering around my emails, and guess whose blog shows up on the Google Alert-llama email list?

Well yours of course Dawn. What a great surprise.

VERY cool stuff all the way around. love the art work.

Anonymous said...

yeah, can't think of the technical name but it's a lily .

Cute Llama's !

Anonymous said...

they are called peace lilies and they are sooooooo hearty. i have one from the birth of my daughter(she is now 25) and i have transplanted it many times and it is HUGE! i love it and get great pleasure when it blooms. enjoy the wonderful beauty of the llama plant!


Leslie Knox said...

I don't know if this is the correct name either but my Grandfather called this plant a Prayer plant.

Kelly L said...

Hmm, I thought they were cala lilies, but either way . . . they are gorgeous, and I Love the puzzle, too.