Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Seriously…Clean and Simple?….#148 A Sassy Challenge

Sassy Cheryl's, Bandit's Mischievous Smile

CAS….Clean and Simple… I love the look, but at times it’s just plain hard to do! LOL!!

Our Sassy Challenge this week is from one of the sassiest sassettes, Pat…who, if  you you’re familiar with her work is ANYTHING BUT CLEAN AND SIMPLE!!! snort! But that’s just what she wanted us to do this week.
Ok… I’ll humor her!!

It was actually quite easy when I decided to go shopping for a new Sassy Cheryl’s image and saw this new Bandit’s Mischievous Smile!
How cute is that!!!

Sassy Cheryl's, Bandit's Mischievous SmileSimply colored with Copics, white gel pen and an Elmer’s Painty pen…. embossing folders and Spellbinders. Hey, I think I could get used to CAS!!

If you notice, my kitty isn’t the color of Cheryl’s Bandit, a black and white cutie in real life….

I feel a story coming on….

Back in the Fall of last year, right around Halloween… someone dropped off a stray, older kitten. My husband, being a softy, named her right away!
Hey! We don’t NEED another cat!! that’s me talking!

What did he name her? Keep reading…

She definitely was a sweetheart!

Sassy Cheryl's, Bandit's Mischievous Smile

Now, sometime just before Christmas, some good friends of ours lost their kitty to a ‘road incident’, how they missed poor Steve!! I got to thinking {yes, it’s possible now and then!} maybe they’d like this cat. Couldn’t help to ask, right?!

Yes, they’d take her!

This was a win win situation! We didn’t need another outside cat, especially a female! And… they needed a kitty to cuddle! Little did I know how this timing was to work out… the next day, their other cat who had been in poor health, died!!

So…what’s her name?????!!!!!


remember it was just before Halloween!


Candy Corn

This cat has fallen into the lap of luxury! She is queen of the house!! She loves everyone and everyone loves her in return!

Sassy Cheryl's, Bandit's Mischievous Smile

Now you understand why I colored “Bandit” like I did. I’m sending this card to the family thanking them for providing Candy Corn with a wonderful home and future!

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Sassy Cheryl said...

Look at sweet little Candy Corn! I LOVE the name! How sweet.
I'm so glad that you modeled and colored Bandit after her. It's Purr-fect Dawn! Love it.

Becky said...

This is so cute, awesome coloring Dawn.

Cynthia said...

Fabulous coloring, Dawn. Perfect likeness of your new kitten.

Marilyn said...

I can see why everyone loves her...she is so adorable! Your card is perfectly colored to look like sweet Candy Corn, and I betcha her new forever family will love it too!

Cards By Jan said...

Dawn this is amazing...and sooooo cute...wow on the colouring!! and matches your kitty to a "T"!!

Anonymous said...

Dawn - Your card is definitely reminiscent of the cat, Candy Corn. I wish her new family much joy with her. They will definitely enjoy the card!

jkreucher said...

what a heartwarming story Dawn! I Love how this turned out! Candy Corn has a loving home, and oh how they needed her!
the perfect inspiraton for coloring our Sassy Bandit!
try as I might I didn't get my calico colors to come out like this! love how vibrant the colors are!
I wanna color like you when I grow up:)
hugs to ya

Pat said...

Oh Dawn, Dawn, Dawn...what can I say?! I have no idea why I came up with CAS as a theme...I was feeling EXTRA sassy that day, I guess! hehe! Your CAS card is stunning, m'dear! I love the layers...and the embossing...and, of course, your little "Candy Corn" inspired Bandit is precious! I don't "do" cats (allergies, don'tcha know) but that little Candy Corn kitty is adorable. Glad she's found a new family!! Hugs. Pat

Cathy said...

Dawn what an awesome story and even more awesome card. Love the colors and your coloring is always TDF. YOu did a beautiful job on the CAS theme, Love it!!!