Thursday, October 15, 2009

Winter Must Be On The Way!


Jorden’s sunflowers.
She planted the seeds along the fence in their garden plot that we share here. They grew TALL and were beautiful. I could look out my kitchen window and see them.

The garden has come to an end
*insert evil laughter and me dancing for joy!!*
and with that the end of the beautiful sunflowers!

Now when I look out my kitchen window, I see a variety of birds feasting on the seeds….and yesterday I caught these guys!

sunflower squirrel1 sunflower squirrel1aasunflower squirrel2sunflower squirrel3   sunflower squirrel5sunflower squirrel6   sunflower squirrel7 mouth  He’s just about to take a bite in this one…
his little mouth is open.


Notice the amount of seeds in the first picture…about 2 hours later I looked out and this guy was there! Notice the amount of seeds now! I love his FULL cheeks!!

sunflower chipmunk1 sunflower chipmunk2 and nuthatchNice of him to share with the Nuthatch! 

sunflower chipmunk3sunflower chipmunk4Snow is forecast in
the next couple of days!
I guess these guys
are well aware of that!


Stay warm and thanks for stopping!



Kelley said...

Awesome photos! Those little guys are so cute!

Lisa Foster said...

Fabulous photography Dawn! What cute subjects...and FULL too! :)

Julia Aston said...

How fun to view this in your garden Dawn! thanks for sharing these cute little guys!

Lenoria said...

Wonderful pictures, they definitely bring a smile to my face! Thanks for sharing.

- dlm. said...

Great photographs, Dawn! TFS!

Grace said...

Oh Dawn, what great photos!!! I love the chipmonk and the nuthatch!!! Those squirrels get into my birdseed and hog it all! Thanks for sharing these great photos!

Joanne (jojot) said...

awesome photos, Dawn....wowza

Carole said...

Wow ... after all these years of 'trying' to cut back on ice cream, cakes and pies, I've now been enlighten to know it was SUNFLOWER seeds making my cheeks chubby! he he

These are great photo's!

deb mills said...

such great pics. isn't it a blessing to be able to enjoy moments like these?