Thursday, July 23, 2009

Headed To State Fair!

Yesterday we went over to the fairgrounds and got all our pens ready for the llamas to move into today…selected the “prime sleeping quarters” and even gave ourselves a “canteen” area so we’re not crowded into the tack stall! One of my 4H moms always stays at the fairgrounds with her boys (and several extras) during the show, camping in the stalls. It’s always good for some stories!

Once the pens were pretty much in order and my friend was ready to show me all about the ribbons, (I’m now “Chairman” of the Awards Committee) we headed to the fair office to pick them up. Then once back at “our” office we started separating the different classes and putting ribbons accordingly. Today I have just a little finishing up to do…then once the show starts tomorrow my moms and I will be busy handing them and the awards out!

It rained ALL day yesterday, which means the llamas spent the entire time INside the barn…I think it pretty much rained most of the night too…we’re scheduled to leave around noon, with the kids getting here at 11 to “get them ready” to load up. I sure hope the white llamas are still white!! (we have 3 going)

Tonight is the kick off “fun stuff” of the llama show with the Drill Team, Costume Class and Lleaping Llama contest. If I’m not a frazzled wreck by that time, I’ll get pictures. Now, when I get them posted will be another story! Tomorrow starts the actual showing.

So, as we head over for 3 days of non-stop fun, some frustration, meeting up with old friends and hopefully winning a few classes… I thought I’d share a couple peaceful moments. Because there’s going to be NOTHING PEACEFUL in the next 3 days!!! LOL

CalebGabrielLeahFishing Caleb with Gabriel and Leah fishing at the lake


At some point in time I’m sure I’ll think about this peaceful moment and wish I were there!! LOL

See you when we’re done! And as always…Thanks for stopping!



Sharli Schaitberger said...

I'm thinking about you at the fair and can't wait to hear all about it and see some photos! Have a ball!

- dlm. said...

Hope that you have a fantastic time at the fair! I am looking forward to seeing your photographs...