Saturday, February 14, 2009

As The Spinning Wheel Turns....

So, today I mentioned to someone that
I was going to spinning guild today. Than in turn brought the question,
"Dawn, what is spinning guild?"

Instead of taking my wheel,
I took my camera instead
and will show you just what might go on once a month.
I've been going to guild for
shocked Pictures, Images and Photos almost 10 years!
Wow! Has it really been that long? Yup, guess so!

It all started with my friends' love of fiber, all aspects of it and buying a loom at an auction! They needed a place to put it (and several others that followed), all the spinning wheels, TONS of fiber, books,
material, spinning paraphernalia
and I have no clue what else might be there, lol!

The birth of the Loom House.
(Beams from an old barn.)

One of the many rugs that have been woven by Lis.

Of course we have to eat to keep up our strength!

Steve, an engineer, is the newest member. An awesome knitter,
this is a scarf he started in October....08....
if it were me it would be October 1998!
I just don't understand this stuff! Wow! It's fabulous!

And he spins too!

This is a waxed linen bag that Rose has woven.
Too bad my picture didn't turn out!

Rose spins, paints, weaves.....who knows what else! And she quilts!
Today was the perfect day for my camera
because she brought several quilts and tops to show us!

Mo knitting....if you want to know....ask Mo!

Lori knitting. Lori and her sister Lis were the ones that taught me to spin.
Have a spinning or fiber question, they can answer it!

One of Lis' sheepys
Lis, Lori and Mo make things all year to sell at
various fiber shows.... their name....
"Three Bags Full"

The Great Wheel

All of us from different walks of life brought
together by a common thread....or piece of yarn! Wink Pictures, Images and Photos

Thanks for stopping!


Starla said...

How cool is all of that?! I tried to knit when I was younger....gave up on it (along with everything else that resembled sewing!)
I am AMAZED at Steve's scarf! HOLY COW!! That is just incredible!
Thanks for sharing!

Elena said...

Wow! That is so cool! The scarf is amazing!!!
Thank you for sharing these pictures, Dawn!!!

Jami said...

Wow Dawn - that's very cool - TFS!

Joanne (jojot) said...

I keep getting kicked this is my last attempt...(just seems to be one of those

You are truly MS, Mother Earth, and Michelangelo all in one.....what wondrous and varied talents and interests......awesome....and I am so glad you took your camera along with you so you could share.....

Anonymous said...

wow is right!!! I wouldn't even put you starting that scarf in 1998....LOL...that is something else, can't imagine the socks
just itching to make a quilt oh wow oh wow!!! I need lessons from Rose!!! love the flower one, don't think I'm up to that level yet! but the wagon/tractor/car one is really neat. ideas ideas ideas!!!! jds