Monday, July 21, 2008

More Projects and The Ride Out!

Of course Tim's booth was awesome from his flooring (carpet that looked like a hardwood floor) to his whole display...which of course I didn't get a picture of, but I did get to make this cool necklace!

This darling clear paint can and snowman came from Stampendous, isn't it cute!! We even got an opener to go along.

Finally, the drive home.... we'd been stuck in major traffic for probably 45 minutes just crawling before reaching the downtown area. What was all the hub-bub!
The White Sox were in town and EVERYBODY and his brother were going to the game!! Once we got past the stadium the traffic was your normal ho-hum big city.
I was so glad to get back to country roads...LOL!

Again, thanks for stopping by! I think I'm caught up now with showing you what I had the opportunity to do.

We have the Ohio State Fair Llama Show this week and our County Fair to get ready for next week and then be at the fair allllllllllllll the following week! UGH!! My postings might be few and far between!


deb mills said...

dawn, i'm so jealous! what an awesome glad you could go. were you overwhelmed with all the wonderful products? i am, just looking at your pics. and getting to meet so many people from online... how cool!