Monday, July 21, 2008

CHA Projects

This is just a taste...there were so many more I wanted to do but there just wasn't enough time!! *sigh*

Sue, at McGill, started us out on this cute frame then went to lunch! She left us with Mike who did a very good job on finishing the demo *snicker*

This is just the coolest bead from Tinkering Ink...made with... are you ready? Paper! Yup, paper rolled up and dipped in a Melting Pot with UTEE! (guess who has a Melting Pot ordered!!*wink*) Paul, who was demoing is the next 'Tim'...*wink**wink*

These were so fun to make!
We pawed through all these goodies for this Chatter Box frame!
The Kaiser Craft one was awesome. While waiting, Melissa, threw out cards of embellishments to the crowd! It was like trying to catch the bouquet at a wedding (only more determined!! *snicker*) This was the company that had those fabulous kits from my previous post!
Helmar is all about adhesives and sealants etc. The coolest was the spray for vellum! (and listening to the boss...with his yummy Aussie accent!)
Tracy did a fabulous job on this demo and we even got in on her televised segment! (at least they filmed us with her...we'll see if it makes it! lol! hey, it might end up on her blog which is just as good!!)
The flower from Ranger was this neat die cut fabric that we painted with a new paint and made into a pin. It went on so's going to be a must for my studio!
And that tote! Love the color...from Creative Options
This is the inside of our Aussie Bush Tucker Bag, complete with recipes for some yummy(?) things like...Witjuti Grub Soup...MMMMM!First off... the adhesives here are not Kaiser Craft, they are
I'd already loaded the pic and realized I'd mis-named it!! Tracy gave us the adhesives when we were done with the Aussie Bush Tucker Bag...she's a sweetie!
We got to play with the new Spellbinders!! Oh boy! I Can't wait for these!
The cute little box from My Sentiments Exactly was fun too! And Sue who was demoing actually recognized ME from SCS and Cornish Heritage!
Taylor had these cute cupcake cards at JustRite and we got a cupcake to eat too!!
Suze Weinberg was at the Ranger booth with her fun Melting Pot. Ok, so I'd seen these before, played with one...but never got enthused over one... UNTIL I saw Suze in action!! Yeah, guess who has one of these coming! *snicker*
We got a scoop of buttons from Blumenthal's.
And stamped a wooden bracelet from....?

This is a closeup of the quote inside the Chatter Box frame... so ME!!!
I still have a little more to share with you...but the llamas are calling for their lunch (I've already missed breakfast!!)
Check back later...*wink*
Thanks for stopping by!


Holly said...

Oh man, you made tons of cool stuff!!!! Looks like you just had too much fun!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I've been eyeing that melting pot....can't wait to see what you do with it!