Monday, April 14, 2014

I Love it When My Family and Friends Take Pictures!

Cades Cove

When family or friends travel, I love seeing and playing with the pictures that recorded their adventure. Places I may have been but didn’t see all they got to see or places I may never get to… pictures let me experience a part of it without being there!

Recently my #3 son led a group on a campout to Cades Cove, Tennessee. Although he didn’t get a lot of pictures this trip, he did get a couple I could play with!
A beautiful place, we visited before Jared was born!

{right clicking on any picture will bring it up larger in another window for your viewing pleasure}

Cades Cove

This simple country church, established in 1827…I wasn’t happy with the people in the doorway, (not part of his group) so I took them out! Made it look old and added some word art.

Cades Cove

Cades Cove

A great shot of Jared at Abrams Falls. Unsuspecting. Just….what……if?

Cades Cove

Could be a tasty lunch! Ahh, Photoshop…too fun!

Another friend spent some time with family on the coast. She got some great shots of her kids.

Here I played with the original a bit, then totally changed it and added word art.

It’s pouring here today, hmmmm, might just be another good day to play with PSE and pictures!

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Ann English said...

You are so talented! Love what you've done with these stunning pictures!

Linda Compton said...

Photoshop was way over my head. I bought a version (it may have been 4?) and never could learn how to use it. Now I am just sad I didn't persevere with it. These photos look great and I love the bear. I bet your son did too. He is a handsome one for sure.