Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Boys Come Home….and a Card!



Back in August our local veterinary clinic asked if they could have a couple llamas to put in their paddocks (that are along the road frontage) for a few months. After all, they treat animals right? They should have animals there, right?

Buttons and Dapple were a big hit! People would stop by just to see them and the staff fell in love with them too!

The first time I stopped by to visit them, they came running to the fence, humming…. MOM!! Why did you leave us here??!! The next couple times….they would turn and look and that was it!

But, alas, no de-icer’s in the stock tanks and with the cold weather coming, their water was getting ice on it. Time to come home…and yesterday when we pulled in with the trailer…oh that was a different story! They hadn’t forgotten that!

Turning them out to pasture was another story! They had NO clue the new girls were here and of course the new girls had NO clue these guys belonged here! It was lots of sniffing, running, spitting…running! LOL! (and in case you’re wondering…I have my geldings and females together)

Here are a few pics from yesterday





Finally everyone settled down… all is well. And in case you’re wondering how many there are… 18 llamas and 2 alpacas (just not all in these pics!).


And, now my card…. the sketch this week on Splitcoast.

Our Daily Bread designs

I went simple, with dies, embossing and ribbon! The sentiment is from Earth Verses, Our Daily Bread designs, embossed in gold on the custom Antique Labels and Border die.

Our Daily Bread designsSpellbinders A2 Bracket Borders 1, Fleur de Lis Squares are my layers along with embossing folders Victoria and snowflakes.

To add some stability to the ribbon, I added a piece of cardstock, 4.25x4.5, folded and adhered to the ribbon.

Our Daily Bread designs

Can you see it under there? It gave just the right amount of space too to pop my sentiment up on foam squares!

My Christmas card list is getting checked off fast! I just might be able to sail into December without that mad rush to crank out a few more!!

Have a great day!

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Marilyn said...

Your card is so lovely, and much fun seeing the Llamas together. They are truly majestic, with their long graceful necks and that haughty tilt of the head. I can see why they get a lot of attention...such beautiful animals.