Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snowflakes! YES!!!….and Wile Returns

ODBD SparklingSnowflakes, SmSnowflakesBG, AwayInAManger, SnowflakesDie

We’ve actually seen some snowflakes Open-mouthed smile
yay!! It’s definitely cold enough!!

Before I get to my card today, guess who came back this week? Just hanging out…Wile E. Coyote! Pretty, isn’t he. LOL… I call it ‘he’ but could be a ‘she’!

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Once again, Piper was alarming and the llamas were at attention…..BUT… not as long this time! I think they’re getting used to this guy, maybe thinking we’ve just gotten a new dog! He did come under the fence this time, but Pedro chased him back. And….. this time, he also brought a friend!

The second one came up close to the fence but as soon as one of the llamas walked towards it it scooted back to cover! I kept watching but never got a glimpse of it until I actually ran them off. Or so I thought!


Wile must have fleas cause he was itching and scratching, every time I’d just move in a little closer! It wasn’t until I looked at the pictures on the computer that I saw the 2nd one… well camouflaged in the tree line! Can you see it? On the far left, just behind the black fence stabilizer.

Once Wile caught sight of me I figured it was time to whoop and holler and chase him off…that’s when I saw #2 as they skittered off!

I really don’t think they’d harm the llamas, I don’t have any crias (babies) or sickly ones and I’m sure the llamas would chase them off should they step inside… just knowing though that they’re there is kinda eerie!!


Now, here’s my card… just when you think you’re done, you remember ONE more person!!Confused smile LOL, I don’t mind though, I love making Christmas cards!!

ODBD SparklingSnowflakes, SmSnowflakesBG, AwayInAManger, SnowflakesDie

A slightly odd color combo for Christmas, but it was the color challenge on Splitcoast this week.

This is ODBD Sparkling Snowflakes with our Exclusive Snowflakes Die, stamped in Adirondack Denim and Chalk Prussian Blue {sprinkled with holographic ep and heat set}, the background is Small Snowflake Background stamped in Chalk Popcorn, the verse is from Away In A Manger stamped in Adirondack Hazelnut.

The verse layer is Spellbinders Fancy Tags 3 and Framed Tags 1

ODBD SparklingSnowflakes, SmSnowflakesBG, AwayInAManger, SnowflakesDie

Hope you’re warm and toasty wherever you are! And as always….

Thanks for stopping!



Debbie Brackett said...

So I guess this means you are not too afraid they will hurt your animals then. They would scare me!! Very pretty card by the way!

Turtle In The Sand said...

really pretty snowflakes Dawn. The wolves scare me. You really do live in the country, don't you?

Have a Merry Christmas Daawn.

Anonymous said...

Love your snowflake card, Dawn! (As you might have guessed, I prefer to see mine on a card rather than in my yard...snicker).


-Also Dawn.

Sparkly Engineer said...

Be careful of the coyotes. Hopefully they are just curious and won't bring more friends. I have lost pets to these guys.

As for this card, I really like the cascade of snowflakes. It's very pretty.

Pat said...

Yikes! I didn't know you lived in the wilderness, woman!! Dang...I knew you had critters...but coyotes may be a bit much! hehe! Pat Frank

Colleen said...

That photo with the hidden second wolf is stunning. Great shot!

Romayne said...

Oh WOW - living in the UK I've never seen a coyote other than in cartoons :) - that first pic is just awesome - I thought it was actually a painting at first but then realised the quality was just so superb!

Thanks for putting them up- made my day!! As do your cards of course too!