Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#93…HoHoHo… a Sassy Challenge

Dec6 blk

Our Sassy Challenge this week is from that Sassy Prisma Pencil Queen, Judy, and she picked “Santa”.

Ok, so I’ve had a hectic week….yeah, I can hear you now, “WHO HASN’T?!”… I got all these gifts toppers done up and thought… perfect, I can use them for the challenge! Then I checked what it was… oops…

So, here’s what I figured… “Santa” could mean a lot of things… like milk and cookies OR a Cup of Cocoa and cookies!


I’m sure the mail carriers were going crazy with this delivery… White Christmas coffee! A blend of chocolate, caramel, vanilla and cherry…oh my, it smelled sooooo good in the baggies! That’s where the toppers came in with this adorable image. I cropped her in an oval with a stroke outline, copied her and added the wording, and colored with Copics. She’s just too cute!!

Dec6 blk

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! LOL…hey, I’d love for someone to leave me coffee and cookies after a long haul!

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Sassy Cheryl said...

You're so right! Judy is the Sassy Prisma Pencil Queen! Love these toppers and you're right.....Santa could most certainly mean a cup of Cocoa. LOVE IT my sassy Dawn!

Turtle In The Sand said...

Dawn, couldn't wait to pop over and see where Santa was. I agree Santa is in our hearts and that is why I still BELIEVE! Can I send you my address LOL? Gorgeous toppers. Would love to get my hands on that border punch. Hugs, Linda

Pat said...

Oh Dawn...you crack me up!! I love how you spun your little yarn about Santa needing cocoa! Brilliant! And...your cards are soooo dang cute! I love this SC image...she's perfect for this time of year!! Gorgeous coloring! Love it. Hugs. Pat Frank

JACKIE M said...

Oooh Dawn they sound yummy !!!! and your toppers are beautiful.

jkreucher said...

hee hee! I'll let you stick to your story gf!
only cause these are just cute as can be!
what a totaly fun idea.. who doesn't like to recieve yummy smelling coffee as a gift!
you go girl!

Cathy said...

Dawn, love your cookie toppers, perfect for the challenge, Love your little Cocoa drinker waiting for Santa....Gorgeous as always GF!!!

Janetlynne said...

Love them....love the holly...a punch??