Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Once Upon a Time.... Dawn Started a Blog!

My First Blog Post....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I've Entered The Blog World

I know, I know...don't faint! I'm playing this by ear and beginning to think I have a deaf one! Don't expect too much too


Now, here I am three years later,
18,563 page views all time history,
page views per country
United States 119
Canada 15
Malaysia 11
United Kingdom 7
Romania 6
India 5
Australia 4
Ireland 4
Italy 3
South Korea 3

Maybe not the big time hits, but I sure never expected to post as much as I do OR enjoy it! LOL!!

Thanks to ALL OF YOU that stop by on a regular basis and those that do occasionally too!

299 blkDid I mention there is a special give-away? Hmmmmm...

 299 side

First...I need to share this cool new die that will be available in October from Our Daily Bread designs, Poinsettia Die! It matches the beautiful flower from the set, Blessed Christmas!

SC299 Blue Poinsettia I made this card in under 30 minutes! Coloring and all! Isn't that die cut so cool!!

So, you're probably wondering when I'm going to say anything about the give-away aren't you! Hmmmm

Have I mentioned lately that the garden is slowing down? Yup... finally! But there are still plenty of tomatoes, peppers...and Lloyd's Best of Show potatoes!

Best of Show Potatoes Teehee...he entered 2 plates of potatoes in our town's little festival home show...his were the ONLY potatoes! There were a few other vegetables though. His other plate of white potatoes got 2nd! (the baseball is to show just how BIG the potatoes are) about that give-away!

Leave me a comment telling me what one or more of your favorite posts have been over the 3 years.
It can be about stamping, llamas, cooking, gardens, photography ...whatever I've blah blah'd about! LOL!

Then in a few days I'll choose a winner and IF I'm able to contact you to let you know you've won... I'll send you....

ColoringTech Book a copy of the book I'm in!!! Wooohooo!!!

So, again...thanks to all of YOU!


Thanks for stopping!



- dlm. said...

Dawn - What a stunning card! I love poinsettias, and this stamp from ODB is gorgeous. ( Of course, it helps that your colouring is always amazing :) ). I visit your blog because I love to see your creations. I also enjoy reading your posts about the garden, your llamas, your spinning and knitting, and your amazing photography. Thanks again for taking the time to share your talent with us.

Gentle hugs, Dawn.

StampinCathy said...

This card is over the top gorgeous! Love that new die. I would have to say my favorite is your stamping, cuz of your creative and inspiring style and your coloring is amazing. Congrats on 3 years and going strong. Thanks for a chance at this inspiring celebration candy too! Also Congrats to your son.

Jeni said...

Dawn, I have only been blogging for about 6 months and your blog was one of the first I followed. I have enjoyed seeing your creations (and garden pics too). So glad you still enjoy doing it, that means there will be many more of your creations to ogle at. Lol ~jeni :)

Lenoria said...

I visit your blog daily (or at least on the days I log onto my computer). I always enjoy your cards but I have enjoyed your blogs about daily life and especially the weaving of the llama hair.

Debbie Brackett said...

I would hate to tell you just one thing about your blog I love. I found you about 7 months ago and have been an avid follower since. I love the stories about the llamas, the photography is magnificent and the fact that you have time to make cards and garden is amazing. Thanks for all the memories.

Traci S. said...

Hi Dawn~

Thanks for sharing this card with a glimpse of the future for us! I love that you used non-traditional colors!

There have been so many wonderful posts from you, and visiting just about daily since I started blog hopping last September, it is hard to decide.

I certainly love your stamping...and how you teach us how to do the different things, and different names. Like the tole technique, and I love the birds on the coasters that you showed, I love your cards! They are masterpieces, amazing coloring, and belong on the Wall in which they are Appreciated! ;) I love how you color clouds. I especially like your cards with Scripture.

As far as photography. I still think that picture of that piece of pie should be on a cover of a cookbook. It's a winner! And, I really love the recent photos of your grand-children in their garden. Precious!

I was shocked and surprised to find out that you had llama friends, and I love how you can vegetables and fruits day after day after day. It isn't your everyday garden, is it?

And, I love your hokey jokes. I understand them, and I can even repeat them! Most of all, I believe I enjoy when you share what is going on in your life.

Thank you for all of the teaching and fun you have squished into this year that I have known you and your blog. I love this blog!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Wishing you many more years as a Blogger!

Linda Carson said...

Congrats on your blog success Dawn! My favorite posts is your artwork from the pieces on your banner to Thomas Kinkead to ODBD, etc. Then your tutorials are priceless! Thanks for 3 years of creative inspiration!
leenda1 at cox dot net

Unknown said...

Congrats on your blog Dawn! They get addictive don't they? LOL!
Don't need entered in the my own copies, but just wanted to congratulate you!
Love your card too BTW!
True :D

Joanne (jojot) said...

okay, KNOW I LOVE to see your creations....your awesome coloring and all.....however, I must say that some of my fav blog posts are the ones about the llamas, the fibers, the fairs, AND the AWESOME photography....the pics of the 'hoar' frost were one post that 'stick out' in my memory....

Marlene said...

Congrats on your 3rd year of blogging!!!! That's longevity!

No need to enter me in the drawing. I actually pre-ordered this book as soon as I saw some of my favorite bloggers had a piece of their artwork in it (*wink) and it's due to arrive TOMORROW!! Can't wait!!!

garnett said...

Have only enjoyed your blog for 4 motnths.I enjoy how you mix your daily life with all your great creations.Thanks for sharing...............

Doris said...

Congratulations on maintaining such a wonderful blog--I visit regularly! My favorite posts are your beautiful cards, especially the bird shaker card with the seeds that helped me win the blue ribbon at our state fair this summer.

Holly said...

Mmmmm potatoes! We had to dig all of ours up way back in April before it got hot, hot, hot here in TX. Love your beautiful card, girlie! That die cut looks awesome!

And congrats on your blogaversary! That is a wonderful prize you are giving away - I would LOVE to hold this book in my hands and drool over all your artwork!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I USUALLY don't leave comments on here, BUT I just HAD TO today!!! Your poinsetta card is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! I LOVE that you used blue!!! It truely is STUNNING!!!

And CONGRATULATIONS on your Anniversary!!! :)

jperr said...

Hi Dawn
I have been getting your email updates for about 6 to 8 months,it is so hard to pick one thing.I love yor heading on your it makes me smile every time I come in.Your coloring is out of this world,and how you incorporate every thing in such a pleasing way is lovely.I look forward to receiveing yor updates every day. Happy Anniversary

peggy_27 said...

The thing I enjoy most is that you start with a gorgeous photo of flowers on a lot of your posts. I think Thomas Kinkade was probably what drew me here in the 1st place. I've also enjoyed learning about llamas.

Sharli Schaitberger said...

I love your blog - it's got the variety that none of the others provide and you keep it real! It was tough picking out a favorite post - but I think I liked this one especially
It had that scope of different things (alas, no cards!) that I love so much. I must say that your art work is out-of-this-world - I love everything you've put together and wish I could wrangle the pencils and OMS the way you do!

Congratulations on your blog-a-versary - and I am truly the winner simply because I found your blog!


Anonymous said...

I love stamping so have enjoyed all of your cards. But your photography is absolutely beautiful! Love the flowers and especially pictures with butterflies!
craftylin1968 at

Cathy said...

I love to stop by your blog everyday. My specialty of your blog is the llamas. They are such a pretty animal. I knew nothing about them and with all your posting about them, they seem like a fun animal to raise. I really must say the llamas and the fair entry's. Your pictures are so gorgeous of the llamas.

Sharon in NE said...

Picking a favorite was easy because I remembered this was the "fishlips". A tutorial in the beginning of 2009. You embossed the fish and brayered over them, then spritzed, giving it a bubbly look. I always thought that and the "fishlips" was so clever. Thanks for all your work and posts over the 3 years. Always enjoy them.

Gloria Westerman said...

Congratulation!!!!Hope you have many...many....many...more Love your card.....The Poinsettias die is so it.....the things that sticks out is your watercolor..but mostly your ODBD creations....they are always so pretty....thank for sharing.....

Cathy said...

I remember how scarey starting a blog was, probably about the same time. I don't think I could pick a single post of yours but every one I see is an inspiration and learning experience for me...yep, all of them LOL

Becky said...

Where does the time go.. I love how ODB is coming out with dies to go with their stamps, I own all of them and plan on getting this also :). I have been stopping by for about 2 years,since I was just beginning to make cards, I loved the tutorials you were doing, love the pictures and stories about the llamas, then I am just inspired by how you do your cards.

jkreucher said...

Hi Dawn, What a fun sneak peek of the poinsettia die. It looks like a must have for sure. Your card is Gorgeous!
Congrats on you Bloggaversary!
So fun to check in as often as I can to see what amazing inspiring project or card that you have in store for us all.
learning new techniques, and fun ideas, and as always your amazing coloring skills are on every page for us to get inspired by.
I went way back when in your blog and found your instructions for making the glass light blocks.
I have made lots of them using pictures and decopage. I will be trying some with the gesso painting first and go from there, this is so much more unique and artistic, and look at the endless possiblilites with all the images we have at hand..
SO~~~ I thank you for sharing all your talent and helping each of us improve just a little more each day.
hugs my friend!

Sylvia from Minnesota said...

Congratulations on 3 years of blogging. My favorite post is the Chocolate Cake in a Mug-yummy!

scrappingdragon said...

congrats!!! mm its hard to just pick 1 thing, i really like your tutorials, the daily insperation , i enjoy your cards and the way you colour with copics.

Kris Turner said...

Dawn - congratulations on your blogosphere experience! I am being constantly nudged to start one, but have said the same things you did three years ago! Guess I'll have to check it all out!

I've loved your artwork, but boy do I love your pix! I'm a country girl at heart, and your pictures bring such a loving and fun feeling to your wonderful life there. I have some friends who raise alpacas, so I love to see the llama photos. Thanks so much for sharing, and best wishes for many more years of blogging!
Kris, Wadsworth, OH

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all that you share. I really enjoy your beautiful nature/garden pics and amazing cards. Your posts make me smile. Some of my favorite posts are the cards you've made with the chickadee from ODBD's You Will Find Refuge set. I especially love the card with the chickadee in the little globe filled with birdseed and surrounded in the braided jute. Oh so pretty! I like to see all of your coloring techniques. I want to try to blend the prisma pencils with baby oil. You do that so well :)Kathy

slbt17 said...

I love your style - I love the fact that you use the colored pencils - I love that you use stamps that I own - I love your art!