Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 5 of the Fair...A Good Thunderstorm!

It goes without saying... it's not fair week if we don't have rain, mud and the power goes out! Well, we had the rain... 2 systems passed through today! Torrential downpour, lightning, big boom thunder AND plenty of MUD! We didn't lose power this time though...that was nice!

So, when you're stuck either under the tent or under the eaves of the barn with the camera while it's raining buckets....might as well take some shots right?!

 10th Ryan corn reszjpg Ryan enjoying corn JUST before the first storm hit!

10th Sulley Sulley and Scout getting some attention before the rain.

10th Shadow Rudy Shadow and Rudy just after the first little burst

10th Wade John Wade and John waiting out the storm

10th 6170

I think the horse barns need some spouting repair! 10th 6173

These girls were racing to get
in the barn and not get too soaked!

10th 6175 10th 6188 10th 6202Just playing trying to catch raindrops off the tent! 10th 6205

 10th 6208 And... the fun of puddles once it's all passed!

10th 6209

10th 6210

Well, we made it through one more day!
The heat index was over 100! UGH!! Tomorrow promises more of the same with more storms rolling through!


Thanks for stopping!



Irene said...

Looks very wet, but fun.

velta said...

Oh Hello Dawn...You put a smile on my face with these photos...thanks for sharing...

Traci S. said...

Hi Dawn~

WOW! Your photography is really great! I love the pic of him eating corn! It's perfect for their advertising next year! The rain drop shots are great! Thanks for taking me along to the fair!

It looks like great fun!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Jodi said...

This sure looks like everyone had a great time!! The llamas are so cute!
Jodi =)

jkreucher said...

Hi Dawn, I love seeing storms.. and we have all been caught in more than a few..
what fun to see these pictures!
great photos all!
Glad I stopped in tonight!